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Fanatec Gt3 V2 problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Adam Gough, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. hi guys, i have a problem with my wheel it turns itself off after about 30mins of use. ill suddenly lose control of steering. vibration still works but no steering of buttons! i also have Clubsport V2 pedals hooked up via seperate usb, these remain operational during the wheel switching itself off.

    any thoughts?
  2. anyone?
  3. PaulH


    Could it be overheating? Can you hear the fan spinning?
  4. Yes Paul, Fan is set to constant on. I had heard about overheating issues so set it to constant on to avoid that.

    I googled the issue but im struggling to find people with the same problem or a solution. I had read on another forum that the USB ports can affect it especially if you're using the USB3.0 port.

    Im going to have a look tonight and see what port I'm using and go from there.
  5. it was plugged into the standard USB2.0 port so it cant be that! any other thoughts people?
  6. PaulH


    I have the same wheel(although I use a TX now), I was having problems with my wheel losing FFB & wheel control, Fanatec were very good although they couldn't find the fault at first(took 3/4 times sending the wheel), they finally reproduced the fault, this is the reply I had -

    " I was testing your wheel again today and finally was able to reproduce the fault.
    The reason was, that the cooling fans did not work and due to that the wheel was acting up.
    I replaced the main-pcb again and also the codewheel-sensor as a precaution. Now everything works fine again. I will test your wheel again, but will presumably send it back today."

    I received it back at all seems ok(although I don't use it anymore). So if I was you I would get onto Fanatec asap(if still in warranty), they still might be able to help
  7. Thanks for the reply Paul, I'm the second owner so dont think ill be covered by warranty. I have no proof of purchase from the orginal buyer. I'm keeping an eye out for a Clubsport Wheel V1 i think for the moment.
  8. I also had heat problems with the wheel, so i just took the housing off and it keeps much cooler.
    The bigger fan, which sits next to the motor is now always quiet and i disconnected the other.
    It is much quieter now and no problems so far.

    Give it a try.
  9. I turned the ffb down to 80 and it ran for over an hour without problems. I'll try it with cover off
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