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Fanatec GT2 huge problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Herman Hermansen, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. so.. Today i connected my Fanatec GT2 to the computer, and started netKar.. when turning the wheel just one degree to one side, i get 200 degrees, and the same to the other side! Unplugged everything, plugged back in, and still the same problem.. Don't know what to do so i was wondering if anyone would know the answer to my problem. Any help would be VERY much appreciated :D
  2. Not a hardware expert at all, but have you tried it in other games? Could be just netkar specific, and the wheel might be fine.
  3. Hm.. when opening the fanatec wheel software, i can see what my wheel does when turning it in real life compared to on the PC, and since it happens there, it will probably do in every other game :frown: I haven't seen any other people having the same problem, so i will most likely have to mail fanatec about it, and use my backup DFGT for now. Very sad. Im having some problems with the clubsport pedals aswell, so not very happy with fanatec at the moment :tongue:
  4. what wheel rotation does it show on your wheel under SEn?

    does it calibrate propperly on startup? it should turn fully clockwise and return 1 1/4 turns anti clockwise.
  5. I havent changed anything in the SEN, still 900, and it does calibrate like it has before.. Worked completely fine yesterday, but not today. :damnit: