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Fanatec Forza CSR - Seeking a Rim

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ho3n3r, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. http://www.fanatec.com/us-en/racing-wheels/forza-motorsport-csr-wheel-us.html

    I have the above wheel, and the guy who I bought it from, fitted a Clio wheel onto it, and it feels a bit too uncomfortable for me. The buttons are too far from my fingers, for one thing.

    Is there maybe some F1 style rims that will fit onto it (not top of the range required, for funding reasons), or at the very least a way I can get a default rim? He sold the old one to someone else.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Bumping this up, have searched everywhere I could think of in the last 5 days but cannot find anything. I for one can't believe that this is not possible. Please help. Thanks again.
  3. I think you probably have buyers remorse, you have purchased a modded wheel and you don't like the feel of it. Unless you find someone who has a spare CSR Wheel from a similar modification or just outright sell it and get something else...your only option is going to be to mod the wheel further yourself. I found a guide here from someone who has done a great job: http://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/1...ersal-quick-release-race-wheels-with-buttons/
  4. That's what he's gone and done, except for the button box. He just made holes for the original buttons, minus the 4 red ones. And the main issue is not the lack of buttons because of it, but rather the distance and position of them.

    Surely some company in this world has created a third party wheel that will fit on there, about the size of the original?

    Also I'm very happy with the feel of the wheel, just looking to improve it practically. New wheels are very expensive here, and Fanatec specifically is very rare, thus I went with this option - and as stated, looking to improve it now.
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  5. Yapci

    Premium Member

    I bought a sparco replica wheel with d-shape and made an adapter to my g27...Sure you can do similar for the fanatec.

    I am also doing a button box to fit the wheel that wont be more than 50€ when finished...

    I mean, if I can do it anyone does (im bad at DIY projects:roflmao:)
  6. Would 3rd party wheels that are made for the Fanatec CSR wheels not work on this? The mounting points look the same - would the electronics work though? I.e. are they the same shaped plugs that connect the wheel to the electronics, and if so, would it actually communicate correctly?
  7. As far as I know, and I *could* be wrong, but there were no 3rd party rims ever made specifically for the CSR wheel, these are only for the Clubsport wheel bases. All mods have been done after the fact by enthusiasts. In commercial gear only the newer Thrustmaster wheels (500RS, TX and 300RS) and the Fanatec Clubsport wheel bases allow for over the counter bolt on replacement rims.

    If you love the wheel otherwise I think it's a do it yourself project, should be too hard I wouldn't think. If I can manage to invert my G27 pedals and clean the pots 10 times with my awkward thumbs anyway ;)
  8. Crazy how, in 2015, there isn't hundreds of add-on rims for basically every wheel above $100, innit?

    Someone else is trying to organise me a default rim, will see how that goes, but no expectations. The final option indeed will be a custom solution, because I don't have the tools to cut the holes into the rim. Those are even more expensive - I've looked.
  9. The CSR wheel is pretty old these days, I'm actually impressed that Thrustmaster have even started doing different bolt on rims, it was always for professional setups or home built wheels.

    In your situation you may be able to find a friend who has access the the required drilling equipment, it's not that rare really, any trady doing metal work would have a drill press, or maybe even a school or workshop. Alternatively if you want to pay for a custom wheel http://www.sammaxwellcustoms.com is supposed to be good, if rather expensive.

    Depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend.
  10. Still nothing about the original rim my buddy is trying to organise. So this bump is for hoping someone who knows of an affordable add-on rim for my wheel and hasn't seen this thread yet. Custom made wheels are quite above my budget.