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Fanatec F1 rim - display gear instead of speed?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by RaceWasGood, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. RaceWasGood


    The weekend sale got the better of me :) So, does anyone know if it's possible to have the F1 rim display the gears instead of speed?
  2. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I can't get my rim to display anything at the moment. Edited the configuration file as per Fanaleds but nothing...
  3. RaceWasGood


    I'm not using Fanaleds and the rpm-leds are working and speed is displayed on the lcd. Would rather have the gears on the lcd. Thought about Fanaleds, but apparently that isn't an option then :)
  4. Second that. Nothing on display until now. Dashboard on Android device working fine btw.
    Has anybody suggestions?

    Thanks andi
  5. O H

    O H

    Fanaleds works fine for me, I'll post the settings when I'm home today, I think it's a different port then the default one in the settings.
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  6. O H

    O H

    Here it is, the first udp is for the Fanaleds, the second for the telemetry app, so you can ignore it:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <hardware_settings_config deviceId="0x1198">
        <cpu cores="4" hyperThreading="true" hyperThreadingProcessorStride="1" />
        <graphics_card rating="1">
            <resolution width="1920" height="1080" fullscreen="true" vsync="false" vsyncInterval="auto">
                <refreshRate rate="0" />
                <windowPosition x="0" y="0" />
                <outputMonitor index="1" />
                <aspectRatio auto="true" width="0" height="0" />
            <dbox enabled="true" />
            <udp0 enabled="true" ip="" port="30500" />
            <udp1 enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" />
            <udp2 enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" />
            <udp3 enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" />
        <antialiasing smaa="false" taa="false" />
        <ssao enabled="false" />
        <ssrt enabled="false" quality="0" />
        <texture_streaming sizeInMiB="384" texelDensityBias="0.0" concurrentTextureSwaps="1" />
        <led_display fanatecNativeSupport="false" sliProNativeSupport="false" />
        <anisotropic_filter level="0" />
        <lighting quality="0" />
        <postprocess motionBlur="true" godRays="false" depthOfField="false" lensStreak="false" lensFlare="false" bloom="false" rainBeads="false" />
        <shadows enabled="true" skyShadowMapSize="512" skyShadowCascadeCount="4" skyShadowLowLod="true" worldShadowMapSize="1024" nightShadowMapSize="1024" nightShadowCharacterCast="false" nightShadowSourceCount="2" sampling="1" spotShadowMapSize="512" spotShadowSampling="0" />
        <smoke_shadows enabled="false" mapSize="1" opacity="0.0" envOpacity="0.0" updateRate="4" />
        <advanced_smoke_shadows enabled="false" />
        <particles enabled="true" distanceScale="3.0" rate="1.0" high="false" />
        <crowd billboardPercentage="100" lod0Distance="4" lod1Distance="10" lod2Distance="25" lod3Distance="70" billboardDistance="700" finDistance="1000" lod0Quantity="5" lod1Quantity="20" lod2Quantity="50" lod3Quantity="300" billboardQuantity="22000" finQuantity="5000" propQuantity="50" />
        <vehicle_reflections envMapScale="0.25" envMapUpdateMode="alternate" envMapRenderMode="cars" cubeMapEnabled="false" cubeMapScale="1.0" cubeMapUpdateMode="oneFacePerFrame" />
        <mirrors mirrorsUpdateMode="alternate" mirrorsRenderMode="cars" treesInMirrors="false" crowdInMirrors="false" highDetailMirrors="false" highDetailTyresAndCar="false" particlesInMirrors="false" />
        <weather_effects rainSplashes="false" rainSheets="false" rainBeads="false" rainHigh="false" trackHeatHaze="false" planarReflectionsEnabled="false" planarReflectionsRTScale="1.0" planarReflectionsMipTailBlur="false" proceduralCloudRTScale="0.5" proceduralCloudTiling="6" proceduralCloudQuality="0" />
        <ground_cover enabled="false" grassFlattening="false" drawDistance="60.0" />
        <dynamic_hair quality="0" />
        <skidmarks enabled="false" parallax="false" />
        <skidmarks_blending enabled="false" />
        <audio quality="high" />
        <sliders motionBlurStrength="0.000000" />
    Please verify that you have the native LED support to false, I think that messes with the Fanaleds
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  7. Thank you very much. will give it a try in the evening. Think the telemetric data feed will support two devices. Already have dashboard configured with port 20777.

  8. so tried it, but unfortunately it did not work.
    thank you anyway