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Fanatec CSW

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by William Moody, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. hi am just wondering where is the custom xml file for wheel settings for this wheel i see the clubsport wheel file, but when you change 1 setting it changes in game to custum i cant find this file anywhere?
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    There isn't one.

    The game uses the default actionmap, which is in the actionmap folder i.e Fanatec CSR Wheel.xml

    When you customise your settings, the new setting are internally cached, and probably stored within your encrypted profile file.

    You can edit the actionmap XML file if you want, to save you actually remapping in game.

    If you do edit that file, then you must start the game from the keyboard, using the ENTER key when you are asked to hit the START button.

    It is best to then go to your wheel settings, select a different controller (the keyboard normally), then change it back to your CSR wheel (or whatever wheel you are using). This forces the game to re-read that actionmap xml file, and store it's mappings in it's internal cache. You should now see your new mappings (done in the xml file) on the wheel settings screen.
  3. Yeah My DFGT also change to "Custom" when i change the in game wheel Deadzone setting from default "5%" to "0%" but is that really matter ?? I mean the wheel will actually perform better if not in custom or what ?? Thanks first
  4. i cant get my club sport pedals to work anyone know the name of the gas and the brake axis for f1 2013?
  5. <Action actionName="Accelerate">
    <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisZ" deviceName="0eb7038e" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalNegative" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
    <Action actionName="Brake">
    <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisY" deviceName="0eb7038e" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalNegative" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />

    If this is what you looking for .
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    It doesn't matter which way you map your wheel really, but doing it via the XML file means that if your profile becomes corrupted, or you start a new one, your key and button mappings are already done for you.

    It's also handy for double mapping the same axis or button, because that cannot be done in game. It's not used much, but if you want to create a 'look to apex' mod, you can map the steering axis to turning the wheel, but also mapped to the look left/right function. So as you steer into a corner, your head turns in the same direction. You just need to get the saturation right, so the effect is subtle enough.
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  7. I have tried this but i have my csp connect to pc not the wheel its self and when i do it in game it shows as inverted axisRZ and RY but it dont work in game, so then i need to add it in the xml file but when i do it shows in game as unassigned for both.
    So am wondering if this is right for both pedals win_con_di_ ?