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Fanatec csw v2 with bmw rim ffb noise

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by yenclas, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. This noise is normal when you test ffb in fanatec control panel driver ?

  3. Are you using a new BMW rim or is it older? There was an issue with older BMW rims that didn't fit tight on the new CSW v2 base. Are you using the locking pin? The FFB test is always noisy though, doesn't matter which rim you use. Mine does it with two different rims, but sounds perfectly fine when gaming.
  4. Yes, the secure pin it is set and it's a new rim and base
  5. Another video with problem:

  6. My experience over the last 7 months with my CSW V2.

    This first issue I needed a replacement base.

    2nd time the ball bearings needed replacing.

    3rd time base needed replacing again.

    4th time button stopped working on my Porsche rim which needed replacing.

    5th time clicking sound again. :cry:

    Click here for playlist of problems.

    I have now asked for a full refund and waiting on their instructions on how. :thumbsdown:
  7. Hi,

    after get a second base to a person of my family I test it comparing to mine and seems better (less noise) but in my first unit after 20-30 minutes of play begin this constant noise:

    With the second unit after 20-30 minutes (but works very well)...

    How I proceed now ?

    I do not want to be sending FANATEC units and send them back to me defective ...