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Fanatec CSW v2 not connecting to ps4

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by James Robertson, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Havent played on my ps4 in months so decided to give f1 2015 a try on it this morning. For some reason I can't get my ps4 to recognise my wheel. I am aware there are licence issues and fanatec have removed ps4 compatibility from their site but I was under the impression it still worked.

    Can anyone else confirm that their CSW v2 is still working on ps4 please.

    (I'm using a formula rim)


  2. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Anybody ?
  3. rocafella1978


    games recognize the CSW, up to DEVS for each game to include drivers and recognition in the PS4. i did not even know F1 2015 supported Fanatec, i knew G29 was supported later, but not Fanatec, and this is the update while writing this:

    try turning on the CSW V2 base once you have turned on PS4, so:
    1) turn on PS4
    2) when all loaded and started turn on CSW V2
    3) start game F1 2015 with controller (then do not touch or do anything until game is loaded)
    4) once game starts try clickig around or using CSW V2 base + rim to start the game and maneuver around menu

    not sure if this will work, but just some help, since similar stuff I was doing last year to get G29 and/ or CSW V2 to work in pCARS on PS4.

    PS: **** reading online, not great game F1 2015 with wheels and pedals, horrible to play apparently.


    good luck!
  4. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Cheers , I`ll give this a try :)
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