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Fanatec CSW v2 base custom drivers for ffb

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Richlevy, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Having spent a couple of months with the simexperience Accuforce Pro software/wheel combo, I find myself back at the wheel of my fanatec csw v2 wheel again. The AF broke down for the holidays and the fanatec has been sitting collecting dust.

    I can't help thinking that if fanatec would just do some custom drivers/software like the osw and simexperience guys, they would have a very attractive lowend entry into the dd wheel market. Yea, they already are covered in the lowend now :D but I mean a customize-able software driver package as opposed to the off the shelf canned effects you get now.

    It maybe sacrilege to say this, but even with canned effects, the csw feels pretty good compared to the AF. Maybe the difference is the csw is beltdriven, which does make the driving experience smoother than the stronger yet a bit more notchy, and jerky AF system.

    I am on the list for one of the osw wheel kits, and I am expecting to get an email soon on availability, so it will be interesting to compare all 3 side by side (when the AF gets repaired !!!! darn it)

    Anyway, back to the original point of the post, I think it would be an interesting idea, anyone else think the same?

  2. Er, uhm, isn't the game you drive responsible for the canned effects and can't you turn them off from within the game? Or am I just too used to the rFactor world (& its descendants)?
  3. Yes they are, but if you are familiar with the dd world, they have custom drivers that bypasses the canned effects and gives a somewhat better feel (this is very subjective of course).
    I did go rummaging around the fanatec site looking for a sdk, I think you have to request it. I have a bmw wheel, and threw it's menu you are able to setup different variables in the ffb, also there are options in the software, you could mix your own effects getting thru to these settings.