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Fanatec CSW is on it's way.. What do you want tested?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Steven Ciofalo, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Hello RaceDepartment, I have recently been selected by Fanatec as the Community Testing Manager for both ISIforums.net and here at RaceDepartment.com. (A list of other CTM's and their sites can be found here:)

    My job is to nominate 10 (TEN) candidates from this forum that I believe are qualified to thoroughly test and review some of the new fanatec product(s) and I will spend the next week (7 days) collecting resume's of anyone interested in being part of the testing in THIS THREAD

    After one week I will request this thread be closed and replaced by an open a POLL where the rest of the RaceDepartment community will vote on their selection from the ten chosen. They should vote for whom they believe will make the best candidate for giving an honest, straightforward and thorough review of these new Fanatec products.

    If you plan to post a "sim-racing resume" make sure it explains in detail why you should be one of the ten nominees with links to any previous written or video reviews you have completed or even just a product review of any type on another site. List all of your current sim-racing and PC related hardware, your preferred sim software along with all the racing titles you have access to test the products with. If you can also test on Consoles compatible with Fanatec Hardware list which console and the game titles you own.

    · Due to past problems, the reviewer who is chosen will be required to make a 50% deposit of the full value of products he/she receives

    Because of this rule I ask if you cannot afford to put at LEAST ~$450 USD/Euro's on hold for several weeks you DO NOT submit a resume here in this thread.

    This ~$450 (Sent through PayPay) covers the minimum requirements for testing the CSR Base along with Both addon wheel rims (BMW and F1 Platforms). The addition of Fanatec pedals or table clamps or the Rennsport wheel stand would all be extra, but also discounted to 50% MSRP.

    · Previous community reviewers of the CSR Elite wheel can not participate in this community review

    · The reviewer is asked to write an honest and un-biased review

    · The reviewer will receive a CSW base with the two rims, but will also be offered to test compatible pedals, table clamp and a wheel stand, if he/she wants

    · The reviewer is required to inform the Community test supervisor about any problems he may have with the products during the test period

    · The reviewer can not leak any information regarding the products he is reviewing before embargo is lifted

    · Every reviewer will have at least 14 days to review the products, but the exact review period will be determined after all the community reviewers have received the wheels

    · After the review period is over and the reviews are posted. Fanatec will ask the reviewer if they wants to return the gear or keep it

    · You can keep it and the deposit you made earlier stays with Fanatec, so you receives a 50% discount for the effort put into testing

    · If you decide to return some or all of the gear, Fanatec will refund the original 50% deposit + pay shipping costs for that gears immediate return

    · Only users from EU, North America, Australia and Japan may participate

    If you have any other questions feel free to PM me or leave them below. If you decide to leave a resume here make sure to identify your post as such and remember to include

    · Favorite Games (and platforms)

    · Driving style: Road GT, Road F1, Oval, Rally, Drift, Other

    · Your age

    · Country (Location)

    · Current gear (Sim, PC and Console)

    · Links to reviews you made in the past

    · A short introduction and statement why you would be the best person for the job along with anything else you believe will woo your fellow community members(and me) into selecting you for the task

    Good luck and happy posting.
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I don't think we want to cooperate with this marketing campaign.

    Imo this has nothing to do anymore with unbiased honest testing/reviewing. RaceDepartment is one of the last communities that is completely independent from any developer / manufacturer and we wish to remain this way so I don't want to have our name linked to this community review project.

    If Fanatec wants their products honestly tested they can send us a sample and we will put it to the test in an honest, unbiased way. When its good its good, when its bad its bad.

    Unlike other sites we dont need to keep the samples for own use either. Just let them ship one, we test it and they get it returned on their own costs.
    Exactly this will result in reviews being biased. Can't believe they've actually put this online :)

    Locking this thread now. if there is a good reason to reopen it again please drop me a pm.

    P.S: I have sent Fanatec a message to have our site name removed from that page.
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  3. Hello everyone on RD. Even though a community test member could not be chosen here at Race Department I, as this sites assigned test "manager", still reserve the right to test the wheel and report back as representative of the community.

    So the question I bring before you is what do you want tested? Which sims, mods, setups? Hardware questions, mounting, power consumption? Anything I can accurately test I will, but if there are any specific items you are hoping to get a better grasp of with this wheel let me know now.

    No results can be posted during the actual two week test period but before getting the equipment and during its testing I can still take recommendations and suggestions from you guys detailing what you want to know.
  4. What wheel do you have and what games do you play?
  5. Currently run a G27 with a larger 13.5" rim. I have used a Logitech Driving Force Pro and my original black Momo but none of the previous Fanatec wheels. I drive mainly rFactor and rFactor2 but also have GTR2 and GTRe and Project Cars. I haven't subscribed to iRacing in some time but I suppose I will need to re-sub again to include it in the testing of this wheel so assume access to that as well.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Steven you are not the assigned test manager of this site. I don't know where you got that impression from as we have specifically mentioned to Thomas we don't support this marketing campaign.

    Go ahead and test it if you have received a unit, but don't link it to us please. You are reviewing your unit purely on your own title.
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  7. Ok cool, i suppose since you dont own the T500 i cant get a head to head comparison but i do look forward to the review :)

    Bram, may i ask why? seems like a very good way to get a proper review where the forum members get to vote on the person they feel is best suited to the job?
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I explained it in the previous thread why the decision was made.

    And no it has nothing to do with the person or the product itself, nothing wrong with that.
  9. edit, as it´s discussed on PM´s.
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    That totally not what it said but okay. Don't want to raise on old discussion as its offtopic.

    FYI: we always buy the games we test and any free goods we receive we give away with competitions.
  11. edit, as it´s discussed on PM`s.
  12. Sorry if this seemed like a post circumventing your previous decision Bram it was not my intention. However, I am still receiving a very new, very anticipated and quite expensive wheel and I need to know, from as many sim-racers as possible, what they want to know about it.

    My review will be my own but I still want to share it with all the racing forums I frequent.
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  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    No problem Steven, everybody can submit their reviews here in the forums as much as they want including you of course. That's what this forum is for: opinions and support.

    Only thing is that we don't want this review to be listed as the RD Community Review.
  14. I'm with Bram...I can see where his coming from and it's respected.......

    So Steven....I would like to know more than anything....the internals (build) of the CSW v it's previous model CSR-E.
    I would ask Fanatec for a comparison sheet detailing the differences between the models.
    My reason for this is to evaluate the costs differences between the two models whilist eliminating the cosmectic enhancements.

    I need to establish if the CSW can carry a trouble free long term future.

    happy testing.
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  15. yes, trouble free long term future is the keyword.
    way too many problems with the gt3 rs.
    also, the mod-ability of the wheel.. whether i can implement my own real racing wheels on the wheel. i have some momo steering wheels and a roso f1 quick release steering wheel. and hopefully be able to use those wheels on the csw or csr elite.
  16. Do you promise to make an unbiased review?

    Weird question i know but just answer it :)
  17. I have never owned a Fanatec product before and have usually recommended Logitech stuff in the past. Two of my friends have used Fanatec GT3 wheels and clubsport pedals. The Canadian one finds it perfectly fine and has never had a problem. The "other guy" complained so much about the problems he had that he had to threaten Fanatec to get his money back for the wheel, kept the pedals and has had to have them repaired twice due to breakage/failure with the load cell brake. This gives me a completely mixed perspective on what to expect.

    I have also had difficulty talking people though my rFactor FFB tutorial when they use Fanatec Belt-Driven wheels and this opportunity will be a great way to work out who what and why they are so different to gear driven wheels.

    Will I be un-bias? Yes. I really got into this hobby for the hardware. Getting it all to work with the sims and be as realistic as possible being the ultimate goal for me. I don't care who sends me a wheel, pedals, shifter or one of those REALLY nice welded cockpits with the little caster wheels and monitor arms preferably all painted bright orange... I want to know how well it performs compared to my thoughts of how it should and against the products I have used previously.
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  18. Nice, i guess the thing i really want to see most is lots and lots of pictures.

    Also if you do plan on re-subbing to iRacing make sure you contact the staff for the correct settings. I´m sure they will get a wheel at around the same time as you.
    Then a head to head comparison with the Logitech.
    But only if you actually plan to re-sub, don´t feel forced because of me.
  19. Steven, Im with Bram re the marketing campaign, however i really like to see the quick disconnects durability, after heavy daily use (say RSRBR) in a week , will it come loose/wiggle / wobble after a while. how is the FFB with rFactor (your guide in real fell and LEo FFB) how does it feel with the CSW compare to your current wheel.
    Durability , durability durability .
    Thanks in Advance
  20. I have HUGE interest in this wheel, been starved for news glad to hear it still exists! Aside from the above suggestions I'd like to see how it works with the codemasters F1 titles in comparison to the G27 between pc and console. Need lots of detail on the quick disconnect as I'd like to use my own wheel, is it adaptable? Could a hub be found aftermarket that would fit (disregarding electricals for a custom wheel).