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Fanatec CSW FFB settings for Project Cars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Sebastian Pedzinski, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. I was looking for good FFB settings for very long time. I think I found some good one which I want to share with you.

    I was testing a lot using McLaren F1 GTR on Nordshleife but it appeared later that some basic settings is common for all cars and tracks.

    Here is what I have:

    DPR -> 0 (I don’t use damper in game also)
    SPR -> 0
    FOR -> 90-120 (mostly 100)
    DRI -> OFF – 001 (depends which car)
    DEA -> 0
    LIN -> 0
    ABS -> 60 (my load cell best settings, I’m not able to press it harder than 60% ;)
    SHO -> 100
    FF -> 100
    SEN -> AUT

    In game:
    SD -> 0
    SS -> 50
    TD -> 6
    TS -> 50
    BD -> 6
    BS -> 50
    CD -> 6
    CS -> 50
    SS -> 0
    CFS -> 0
    DS -> 0
    FF -> 100
    RPM/GD -> Yes
    CIM -> 3
    Advanced -> OFF

    Controls->Calibrate Force Feedback

    Steering Gain->0.90 – 1.00 (as you like it, test it yourself, I like and I think I stay with 1.00)

    Tuning Setup->Force Feedback->Spindle

    Master Scale-> 4-18 (observe FFB graph while playing, set this parameter as low to avoid clipping, ex. for McLaren I use 6)
    Fx Scale->100.01
    Fy Scale->100.01
    Fz Scale->100.01
    Mz Scale->100.01
    Fx Smoothing->0.00
    Fy Smoothing->0.00
    Fz Smoothing->0.00
    Mz Smoothing->0.00

    Tuning Setup->Force Feedback->Body&SOP
    Sop Scale->35-45 (depends of car, for McLaren F1 GTR I use 40.0)
    Sop LS->100.0
    Sop DS->100.0
    Sop D->0.0

    I found that most important for me was tweaking:
    Master Scale, Sop Scale and FOR on wheel

    Thanks and good luck.
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  2. Did this settings gave you a real grip feeling in pCars ?

    I tried a lot of things regarding the FFB settings, but I never got some kind
    grip feeling in my CSW V2 :mad:
  3. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    that's great info here, i am new to the club of FANATEC owners, and have just started on CSW V2 + CSP V2, but have no clue how and what to dial in on the setup. (will be using on PC and PS4)

    any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated from you professionals and Fanatec users!

    on google, searched and trying to understand it all, I found these:
    1) http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22938-Jack-Spade-FFB-Tweaker-Files
    2) http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/sh...ler-FFB-values-Google-sheet-amp-FCM-Universal

    will be testing above posted settings, thank you @Sebastian Pedzinski
  4. Did you tried these settings ?

    All effects are great but I still miss a grip feeling in the wheel. The FFB is very weak in high speed corners.
  5. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    have not tried it yet, but will do so on this weekend! (will also run some wheelcheck and other tests and come up with something...will update the thread once i have more)
  6. I tried it and it works ! Much better now.
  7. So, after 3 hours of fun with project cars I can say: FFB is now perfect for me.
    With the new 5.0 patch even better then ever.

    Had a lot of fun online :D
  8. These settings are excellent. The only thing I changed was turning the ffb on the wheel down to 60 just for personal preference...but everything else feels amazing. Thank you for taking the time to put in the work to figure out these settings and posting
  9. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    In the past it was recommended not to modify the FFB value on the wheel itself. Past tests had demonstrated that when using for example a 60% value, the wheel was not applying a 0.6 ratio on all effects as you would expect. Instead the wheel was maxing the force feedback at 60% (all effects sent by the software-driver below 60% are untouched, everything above 60% is forced to 60%).

    Those tests were done a few years ago on the f-wheel site but Fanatec as never really told if they changed this behaviour.
    here is the graph
  10. So should I change the ffb on the wheel back to 100 and adjust the in game ffb? Or should I change the tire force?
  11. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    I think that putting back the FFB at 100 on the wheel and applying a x0.6 multiplayer on the in-game one is the way to go (if you had 60% on the wheel).
  12. Thanks for your post. I tried the Tweaker v2.4.1 files and did not find very good. The default settings with a few tweaks were the same for me as the Tweaker files.
    I will try your settings and see what I make of it.
  13. I have the wheel setting at SEN = AUT, but I really have to work the wheel in some of the GT cars.
    Does anyone know if players can adjust steering degrees rotation or steering lock in the game? I did not see anything in the car setup. Or do players adjust the wheel SEN to what they fiund the best for them?
  14. Are these settings only useful for the CSW? I'm running a CSR Elite and looking for some new settings to try.
  15. Were did you find this graph and is there anymore info avaliable?