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Sell Fanatec CSW base V1

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by mms, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. mms


    I recently ordered the V2, so my V1 is looking for a new racer :) Bought it 11 months ago, still in perfect condition, comes in the original box.

    Price: 350$ + shipping

    I'm from Canada, so I would prefer to sell it to a fellow canadian, I payed so much taxes and shipping it would be shame for someone to pay the extra cash again.

    Please note that you'll need a wheel rim (I could be talked into selling my formula rim too, I really enjoy the 918 RSR rim :) )
  2. Still available??
    Could you be tempted to ship to the US?
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  3. mms


    Yes still available, will be on ebay soon, my V2 left LA yesterday evening :) I wrote that I prefer to sell to Canada, but if you're OK paying the shipping to the US, you can get it. Tell me what state you live in so I can get you a quote for the shipping, this way you'll be able to decide whether you still want it or not ;)
  4. Hi Mihaly, would you be willing to ship to the UK? Postcode is cv10 7ru and I am located in Nuneaton
  5. mms


    Hey there, yes, I'll get a quote for the shipping but I can tell you it won't be cheap.

    I got the v2 yesterday, and wow, it's even better than the v1. I'll get back to you soon with the shipping quote.
  6. Good afternoon, have you sold? if not, I would pay cash to send to Brazil.

    Wait, hug
  7. mms


    Oh, sorry, yes I sold it, thought I updated this thread :redface:
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