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Fanatec CSW base V1 lost calibration

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jan Abrahamsson, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi!
    I have Fanatec CSW Base V1 and BMW M3 GT2 Rim. I have this problem... When I started a bese, calibration for the rim is ok, but when I go to drive example R3E, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa its maybe five or ten minutes driving and the base somehow lost calibration... I have to turn a wheel maybe 30 degrees for right or left and car stil go straight... And if I shut down the game and go the Fanatec profiler, the pointer which showing the steering(which is 900) show that the calibration is not right... That helps if I restarted a base... But same problem again after ten minutes driving... I had a 095 firmware and 219 drivers but I move to 037 and 177 drivers and hope that will help but same problem... Should I test a newest firmware and drivers again? And what is the most suitable drivers for 037 firmware and what migt be for suitable firmware for my v1 base?
    Sorry for my English, its not my nature language...

    - Jan
  2. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Sounds like a build of belt dust in side the wheel base, which is a know issue that can happen from time to time.

    There is a plastic disc with black markers all around it, called the encoder wheel, mounted in side the case on the steering shaft. This disc gets covered in dust that comes from the belts that connect the FFB motor block to the wheel and then as you use the wheel it slowly starts to lose the centre point and loses calibration causing the wheel to become a few degrees out when going in a straight line.

    All you need to do is remove the back of the case and slide the clear top off which gives you better access to the encoder wheel.

    Then very carefully, as if you scratch it it will need replacing, clean the dust off the disc.

    I use the cloth and cleaning fluid I use for my glasses.

    You can also before starting blow the case out with some compressed air, I have a small can I keep for lots of little jobs like this, to get rid of any belt dust hanging around so that you don't have to do this again any time soon.

    I did once find a video on YouTube about this but can't find it now sorry.

    It's fairly simple to take apart but you just need to take your time as some of the internals are delicate.

    I have had to do this once on my CSW in three years but it worked and wheel felt much better afterwards.

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  3. Yes that work!! Thank U very much!! I find a video for that also... Now everything working!! Thanks!!

    - Jan
  4. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Glad everything is now working ok mate.

    Yes that's the video I watched although I was a bit more careful with my wheel than he was !

  5. Heh... I was too... Prety rough style in video...