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Fanatec CSR wheel settings

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Glen Orpheus, May 15, 2013.

  1. Just thought I would share my settings with you all for the fanatec CSR wheel.
    I'm sure there is room for improvement, but it does feel good to me.
    Let me know your thoughts and tips as I don't drive in real life, so stabbing around in the dark....lol

    Game: Game Fórmula Truck
    Platform: PC
    Wheel owned: CSR
    turn the Force Feedback Strength to -80 (options/controls) and adjust the steering lock to 23 Degrees (in Garage 1)

    ON THE WHEEL SETTINGS - FW 737 Driver 116

    Sensitivity (SEn): 540
    Force feedback strength (FF): 100
    Vibration strength (Sho): 100
    Drift mode (dri): 3
    ABS: 0
    Linearity (Lin): 0
    Deadzone (dEA): 0
    Spring (SPr): 3
    Damper (dPr): 2
    ABS is off, options on this site wouldn't allow me to putt off in the box i also have AC Off on the wheel this gives me the best feel, it maybe a little strong for some of you, but hey let me know what you all think in the box below, or give it a vote (",)

    Submitted by: orpheus
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  2. I'm using 33 degrees lock and 900 wheel rotation feel really good. I was using 23/540 before didn't feel as good for me
  3. i'll give it a try next time i boot up, thanx for the heads up Bob ;)
  4. I'm currently playing 23/540.
    I will give a try with 33/900 as well
  5. Work great on GSC 2013 too.
    i have tried:
    Drift mode (dri):OFF
    ABS: 95(club sport pedal)
    Spring (SPr): OFF
    Damper (dPr): OFF
    But ON THE WHEEL SETTINGS - FW 756 Driver 140
    More responsive.

    What is the best for fanatec CSR not elite?
    FW 756 vs 737
    Driver 140 vs 116?
    Thanks a lot.
  6. Anyone know exactly what Spring and Damper does? Thanks for the settings Glen, they made for a better experience on my GT3 RS v2 as well!
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  7. Only for consoles.
    I´m using off to play pc games.