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Fanatec Csr Settings.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by EazyEllis, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Hello there I just wanted to pass out some settings I'm using with my fanatec CSR. For me they have been a game changer.

    I use Fanleds found here http://www.fanaleds.com/ and have plugged my Fanatec CSR Elite pedals in a separate usb, And I drive in game with no assists.

    My wheel settings are
    Firmware 756
    Driver Version 219 (Beta)

    Sen OFF
    FF 100
    Sho 100
    Dri OFF
    ABS OFF, Use Fanaleds

    Under Calibrate Force Feed Back.

    Change these 3 settings to

    Steering Gain to 1.00
    Deadzone Removal Range 0.00
    Deadzone Removal Falloff 0.10

    I have finally found some settings I enjoy through changing a couple settings since the new FFB update, After messing about a lot after I figure out I really did not need to.

    And Thanks to martinsalat, For recommending the steering gain setting that and the dead zone removal falloff was honestly the only thing killing my enjoyment out of the game.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2015
  2. martinsalat


    what's your steering gain settings?
  3. Steering Gain is on 500. Its a new setting to me so I haven't touched it.
  4. martinsalat


    that's much to high i have tire force 100 and gain 100 on my csr-e. try it
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  5. Ahh Nice one man, that has helped so much!
  6. martinsalat


    you also can try it without jacks files. just for compare .so you can change setting per car in the pit.
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  7. Yeah I will do now, Man no more damn clipping, I wish I knew about that steering gain setting.
  8. I removed them and now and I can feel what the car is upto alot better, Even feel the wheels locking up.
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  9. martinsalat


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  10. Well Martin, Thank you so much for the tips. These Settings make me feel like I'm playing a whole new game. So much more alive through the wheel.
  11. I'm sorry about editing my main post so much peeps, After messing around for a few days I realise Default with a few minor changes actually made the game so much better ;) For my Fanatec CSR.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2015
  12. so the first post is your settings
  13. Yes they are, I had different settings up there at first. Just did not realize that Project cars had a FFB update.