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Fanatec CSR Elites + T300RS

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by D0K, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. D0K


    Hey all,

    A while back I purchased the Thrustmaster T300Rs and so far its been great. I finally got my TH8A and using the sequential shifter is awesome!

    At the time I ordered my TH8A I also ordered the T3PA Thrustmaster pedals since the pedals that come with the T300rs are meh. Problem is, the T3PA's have been out of stock at Amazon for about a month (since I placed my order anyway) and there is no info anywhere I can find on the net when another batch will be available. (btw - Amazon only charges for the pedals when they ship, so I've not paid for them yet)

    While I'm keeping my Amazon order, 'alive', I was toying with the idea of cancelling it and going with the CSR Elite pedals instead. I know the CSR pedals plug directly into the pc via USB whereas the T3PA's plug directly into theT300Rs. Question is, are there any of you using a mix and match pedal and wheel set up such as this? Does windows (or R3E) have any issues allowing you to use both together.

    Prior to getting the T300Rs, I was using my Logitech G27, pedals and shifter, and just like the T300Rs it is all, 'one unit' in that you just plug the wheel into the pc while everything else is connected to the wheel (pedals and shifter).

    I'm sure Windows would see the wheel and pedals as separate devices, but I'd rather find out first if the combo would work before making a $150 investment. Any insight is greatly appreciated!


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  2. D0K


    Silly me. I went back to the Fanatec website going over more info about the pedals, and further down the page it does say the pedals are compatible with ALL wheels. They just act as there own device on pc.

    Thanks Andreas for the links. ;)
  3. I'am using the T300 + G27 pedals connected via USB with Leo Bodnar cable, no problems at all here; but now i am going to upgrade the pedals, I've been reading reviews for a week and i would like to order it today but I cant decide between CSR Elite or CSP V2, I dont use the clutch and i am afraid about the reliablity, but I like the semi-hydraulic brake...

    What make you choose the CSR E?
  4. I have used the exact combo OP is asking about and can confirm it works fine.
    The only issue I can think of is if you have more than three gaming peripherals connected at once, any three like Xbox controller and joysticks and button boxes count here, because some old games are limited to seeing only the first three gaming devices connected.
    GT Legends is one example of a game with this limitation.

  5. CSP's all the way, And what reliability issues might you speak of ? the one's Blkout seems to think are bigger problems than third world starvation ?.....Seriously the CSP's have been ROCK solid for the past 2 years ive owned mine. Sure if your looking to save a few $$ the elites will work, but if you want the best of the best for the $$ the CSP's are where its at.
  6. The usual logic... "I don't have problems hence anyone claiming the pedals has reliability issues are wrong!"...
    Great statistical base of 1 user there Moxley.....
  7. D0K



    From what I've been reading review wise, and whats on youtube, both pedals are top notch. I just chose the less expensive of the the two. Considering I just ordered an RS1, I had to cut funds from somewhere. :p:D (and yes, I already ordered the CSR's woohoo!)

    I'll have at least 3 peripherals hooked up, the T300, CSR Elites, and a DSD button box.
  8. In most games it won't be a problem though, it's only the really older titles that has this limitation.
    You really want the pedals hooked up as a separate USB device anyways because it increases the resolution on them compared to running them through your wheel.
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  9. D0K


    Aha, I did not know this. Thats good news though. The pedals I'm currently using came with the T300 and they are in fact not as sensitive as I'd like them to be, ie there is some play, especially in the brake pedal, before the game registers any movement. (R3E). Even with 0 deadzone and max sensitivity.
  10. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    I'm sorry I have no advice, but I'm must now be considering an upgrade...to something like this...I currently use a DFGT with broken shifter button, with DFGT Pedals with a squash ball rammed in underneath the brake pedal...lol, it's certainly better before you say anything.. :roflmao: I was just this morning working out that with pedals, shifter and t300 I would need around £500...which is fine, but I'm also thinking about stretching that out a little for better pedals..???
  11. D0K


    I received my csr elites last week and been using them all weekend and they are a big step up from the pedals that come with the T300. If you can make it work by increasing your budget, I highly recommend getting them.
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  12. Let me just add that I've been running the combination of T300RS, TH8A and Fanatec Clubsport pedals on my PC recently.

    I can confirm that all of the following support 3 separate USB devices: Assetto Corsa, pCARS, iRacing, RaceRoom, GRiD Autosport, Euro Truck Sim, Wreckfest, Richard Burns Rally.
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