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Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel and Pedals: FIRST LOOK

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by William Marsh, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! If you remember, I was the guy who leaked the wheel a few days ago. Well, Fanatec has sent me the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel and Pedals to take a look at! They just announced the set today, and I got the set just about 5 hours ago! I made a quick "First Look" video, and took a look at the setup:

    So far, I'm pleasantly surprised with the wheel and pedals, with it being a solid construction. When I saw the previews of the CSL Elite Pedals, I was fearing the worst, with it almost looking a little chintzy, but it's pretty BEEFY in my opinion! I have not had the time to test out the setup, but I'm pretty optimistic.

    What are your thoughts of the wheel? Do you think you'll consider picking it up?
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  2. Definitely no. Why would I downgrade from CSW v2 to worse wheel base. And I have to add that Sony is big ***hole with its recent tactics to end Fanatec's older wheels support/functionality on PS4, hopefully Sony suffers big time from that decision.
  3. samcar304

    Sam Carmichael Staff Member

    Thanks for the Video, really nice showcase of the new equipment!

    I think i might go for the pedals since i still have the old CSR ELITE pedals, And i like the look and shape of these new pedals a lot more. I might have gone for the wheelbase if i did not go to a T300 earlier this year, but the wheel base is as expensive as a t300/tx with a rim and the fanatec rims are quite expensive but at te end of the day its a product you can expect quality on. Still no problems with my Thrustmaster... Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  4. csw2 power 7 nm= 749,95 e
    csl elite power 6nm = 319.95 e

    great deal:whistling:
  6. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Think I prefer the look of my previous generation CSR Elite pedals, and I got for those for only £80 secondhand...
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  7. Performance > Looks