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Fanatec CSL Elite Series Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by William Marsh, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. It's no secret around here that there is some excitement for the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel and pedals, which are coming out in November. In September, Fanatec sent me a set of the wheel base, pedals, and the CSL Steering Wheel P1 Rim to review. After about 15-20 hours of driving (now, I've put about 25), I have my review! While I have split the video review into two parts, covering the Pedals and Wheel Base/Rim, I have split my in-depth review into three written parts.

    Review VIDEO of the Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals -

    Review VIDEO of the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base and the CSL Steering Wheel P1 -

    Written Review Part 1: CSL Elite Wheel Base - http://simracingpaddock.com/fanatec/review-fanatec-csl-elite-base/
    Written Review Part 2: CSL Steering Wheel P1 - http://simracingpaddock.com/fanatec/review-fanatec-csl-steering-wheel-p1/
    Written Review Part 3: CSL Elite LC Pedals - http://simracingpaddock.com/fanatec/fanatec-review...3-fanatec-csl-elite-lc-pedals/

    What are your thoughts on the wheel and pedals? Do you think you'll pick them up when they come out in November?
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  2. snyperal

    Premium Member

    I'm a little torn over this, I currently run a t300, t3pa Pro & g27 shifter I upgraded from a g27 for the better wheel, I don't really want to step by step upgrade, and may give this one a miss. For a year or two at least. I don't know how the two compare in terms of force feedback and stuff, but new products can only be good for our hobby. It looks like a reasonable fit, and if I didn't have the t300 I'd certainly be eyeing this set.

    Will be interesting to see what thrustmaster offers with their new wheel that's been kept silent since June.
  3. Turk

    Premium Member

    I'm in the market for a new wheel. I had planned on getting the CSL wheelbase but the government gave me a call and apparently I'm owed a load of tax back. So my question is, is the CSW worth the €400 or so extra that it costs over the CSL?

    I'm upgrading from the fanatec forza wheel so both of them are going to be an improvement on what I have.

    I'm thinking I should go for the CSW now that I have some disposable income purely because of the construction. The plastic fanatec wheel I have is slipping and creaking and me being a big mucksavage that I will just end up in the same position with the CSL.

    It's an issue because I have to buy something to mount this wheel to, it's probably not going to work clamped to a table like my current setup. I'm going to get the oculus rift too as I won't have a monitor free for the rig, which means a new graphics card too. So the cost is mounting up quickly. I'm also going to replace my current CSR pedals with the CSL.

    Is the CSL wheelbase a good corner to cut?
  4. There is a separate Clubsport wheel desk clamp. You can find details of it on Fanatec's site. It looks sturdy enough, but goes down quite low under the desk. A rig to hard mount it would definitely be preferable if you have the space.
  5. Any chance you would have the box dimensions for the pedals
  6. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Thanks @William Marsh

    Nice balanced review.

    I keep drooling over an Accuforce and with the Euro exchange rate the Clubsport wheelbase is just too much at the moment.

    So this one is a nice option and I can keep the wheels and upgrade the base at a later date.