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Fanatec competition

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Serj, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Simply a few words.... Who is Tim Heinemann? Its someone that even apcient in leaderborad of Portimao. This guy comes from nowhere, hit the fastest crazy time and disappear.
    Of course, I believe many virtual racers has big experience, but I remember the thread about this guy, concerning his time on RaceroomRaceway circuit. And then reveals that he puts a amateur time mode, but written like get real. And again in this competiion he is on first place. :cautious:
  2. I'm confused, are you saying that he cheated?
  3. [Off Topic]
    I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and we were discussing about a probable cheater on the P&G servers. His driving is terrible (understeer, no appropriate use of tarmac and so forth...) but he gives 1-2 seconds to aliens that normally are unreachable at the top of the leaderboard. I know that there are ways to alter files and change the way cars behave but often these modifications cause mismatch and you're being kicked from the server. I also know, by the way, that there is a RAM cheat that doesn't get intercepted by the anti-cheat software and then you get crazy times cause the car goes out of sync with the "game clock" and it kind of warps ahead.
    Is this something S3S has already taken care of? I know they're checking files integrity when you connect to their servers, but what about this hardware cheat?
  4. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    doesnt work ..;; ram cheat you dont have the files to alter either so .... yes they thought about it

    Now my advice to everyone ,

    there is always someone faster ,
    there will always be someone (without cheating) that will find a way to exploit what is infront of them to there advantage
    if you dont like loosing ; dont play

    your only ever allowed to complain about the people who are just a head of you (as that is your peer group)

    driving correctly very rarely wins hotlap contests

    wrap up warm in winter

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  5. Hi everybody,

    I was thinking some time if I should write something in this matter but in the end I feel like I should.

    I know Tim Heinemann. Not in a direct personal way but through friends and I did some races against him in Race07. But let me tell you the story.

    Some time back I became part of a small group called ocm (only cockpit mode). We were hosting one or two Race07 servers at that time, trying to enforce fair driving as long as we were online too.

    Some of our members were active in kart racing and Tim was racing karts too at that time. I don't know if he is still racing. Through this connection Tim got losely connected to ocm for a short period of time. That was until some of us found out that Tim was using cheats and was wrecking on our server (and probably others). Maybe you remember the cheats that were out for Race07 where you could drive any car, even if it wasn't configured on the server and you were also undestroyable. I never saw him use cheats myself but I honestly believe my mates from ocm who told me about it. Of course we banned him from our server and he was told to never again use the ocm-tag when driving online. Still he tried to get to race us by becoming a member of 100MBit under a different name. He knew that ocm and 100MBit were doing some friendly race events from time to time. But in the end we found out about it, told the 100MBit guys who he was and as far as I know as a consequence they banned him too, because they also felt cheated since he was using them as a vehicle to bug us. And of course they believed us that he used cheats and wrecked before. Funny thing is, before we found out he got to take part in one of our friendship races. Of course he was up to win the race and to mock us afterwards. Bad thing for him was that I won this race. :D He was quite fast but not alien-like. We were going about the same speed but he went off the track at some point. He was so angry that he slammed his car into some wall and left.

    But of course I'm not saying that Tim cheated with his RRRE-laptimes. Maybe he really got that quick since then.

    Since this is the second thread at Racedepartment (that I know of) that raises the suspicion he might be cheating I somehow felt like I had to tell you my experience with this guy. I got to know him as someone who at least is not disinclined in cheating. If he did in RRRE? I don't know. But his reputation on my side is so bad that I wouldn't wonder if he did.

    Make up your own mind. In the end we will never be able to prove anything in this matter. It's just a very bad taste that stays if someone with such a history wins expensive prizes in competitions with such a dominance.
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  6. Well this is an interesting story. Thanks for sharing Arthur.
    I believe tho, since we've quite expensive stuff at stake, that S3S will check the validity of the laptimes of the "winning" people and take their decision. After all they've all the means to prove if someone has cheated or not.
    So, innocent until proven guilty... we'll see later... :sneaky:
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  7. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    We try to keep an as close an eye as possible on our prize giving competitions. And as far as we know there are no cheats out there.

    Tim is currently second in the competition, the top top 12 have a 0.5 second spread and the top 23 a 1.0 second spread. As far as i can see its just a very tight battle.

    Having said that I have seen Tim race at the SimRacing Expo at the Nurburgring in our onsite competition against some really fast guys from the (german) sim community. At the end of the weekend he was crowned champion. So he has to be fast otherwise he wouldn't have had the top position at the end of the tournament.
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  8. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    People tend to think very quickly somoene is cheating when a time is driven they think is undrivable. This doesn't just happen in racing but in a lot of games with leaderbords. Best advice is to just learn from their driving and keep improving yourself, cause 999 out of 1000 times these guys are just very fast :).
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  9. Relax, man. Its not about who is who...its about fair play only. In leaderboards of Portimao grand Prix this guy apcient too. So, I can make forward conclusion that he is so good, that dont even practice with fastest ghost in leaderboard, he just drive and set new record :D . And someone from you guys, just some one play with him any online race, for one time at least, can tell me please?
    p.s. even Denis Olsen prodriver loose big gap to this Tim. Just think about it. :whistling:
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  10. Please don't jump to conclusions.

    No matter what my experience back then was, it is by no means any kind of prove that anything irregular was going on here.

    I wanted to share my experience so that S3S might take a sharper look at the top of the list of their competitions. I can only hope that they will do so now. And if they don't find anything fishy then everything is fine.
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  11. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    can i close this now as i hate this type of thread .......and you can see that s3e are taking cheating seriously so please

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  12. as u wish.
  13. Btw do the driver statistics show now the proper values? I was quite confused when I saw how long some people of the leaderboard were in game totally and could set such a good time. E.g. the time of the first (2,5 hours) wasn't enough time for me to find a proper setup for the ffb of my wheel. But I appreciate the talent to be able to set these lap times in such a short time.
  14. No.
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