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Fanatec clubsport wheelbase losing centre position again :(

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tony Winslade, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. I recently bought the fanatec clubsport wheelbase and formula rim.....really nice bit of kit.
    Straight away I noticed that it was losing its centre position within a couple of minutes use and I was having to hold the wheel slightly to the left or right to keep vehicle straight.....so I went through the centering procedure and straight away it loses it....
    Had the wheel sent back to fanatec and repaired but after a week the problem is back and very persistent.....
    I'm beginning to wonder if this is an ongoing problem that won't go away....do the belts have a tendency to slip through quick oversteer adjustments and strong ffb?
    For the amount of money I have spent on this bit of kit, I expect a top end performance and not have to make sacrifices while using it.....I find it quite ironic that other wheels at less than quarter of the price never had a problem ....very frustrated and beginning to lose faith with fanatec clubsport wheelbase :(
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  2. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I haven't had to deal with that problem but it may be lose belts.
  3. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    as i remember i had this problem when i first got my wheel , i was ready to send it back but i tried a different firmware to what was installed on the wheel and that fixed mine , it was firmware 037 i think
  4. My understanding is that the CSW centering is determined by the optical alignment feature attached directly to the wheel shaft and thus, would not be affected by a belt slipping.
  5. Make sure you try the latest firmware and drivers available from the Fanatec website, before sending it back. Doing that will usually fix a minor issue like this.
  6. I am running the latest beta firmware v181, I will take it back to v144 or v177 and see if that may help.
    I will say that I am having this same problem on PC as ps3 ...will firmware have an effect in ps3 mode?
    Also, having a quick look on fanatec website I could not see the v037 firmware....is that stock firmware or is there anywhere I could get that version ?
  7. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    no mate thats the driver you need the latest firmware to reflash your wheelhttp://au.fanatec.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=263#downloads its firmware 037 keep driver 181
  8. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    as for the ps3 mod i have no idea as i do not use it , i only have it for pc , i know there is a bit of a procedure to reflash your wheel , and i have lost all that info, try googling it unless someone here can instruct you , i got the info off a u tube clip when i had the trouble but cannot find it this time, i wish fanatec would have provided proper instructions
  9. Ok you'll have to excuse my ignorance...I've not paid attention to what I'm doing with my wheel...thought I had latest firmware installed when I put driver on v 181. ..This obviously explains the 037 flashing up on LED display when I turn wheel on...I will update firmware when I get home later....
    Doh ...
    Hopefully this will sort problem out as really don't want to send wheel away again
  10. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    all i can remember is you hold down the big red button until it turns blue then you can reflash your wheel , but the rest i have forgotten , all i remember my problem was very similar to yours mate , so i really wished i would have bookmarked that u tube video:(
  11. [quofingere="Noel Spence, post: 1666324, member: 3484"]all i can remember is you hold down the big red button until it turns blue then you can reflash your wheel , but the rest i have forgotten , all i remember my problem was very similar to yours mate , so i really wished i would have bookmarked that u tube video:([/quote]
    No problem mate...I'll get it sorted. The fanatec software on my pc has a step by step run through for installs ....fingers crossed this is the cause of the problem and latest firmware will fix it...
    Many thanks to everyone that replied, it's been very helpful. I'll update you with outcome later
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  12. Okay !
    Just got home and did a re-install of firmware...I knew it already had v037 on it so I took it back to v032 then tested the wheel on Assetto Corsa....within half a lap on Imola it was off centre to the left but ever so slightly (always seems to be to the left so if you hold wheel straight the car will be veering to the right)....recalibrated the wheel and same again but this time I did a couple of laps.
    I then re-installed firmware v037, went straight back on to Assetto Corsa...set up a 5 lap race at Imola with 9 other cars (Mclaren MP4 GT3...if you must know ;))
    I deliberately drove the race aggressively, taking lots of bumps from cars, kerbs etc so I got plenty of FFB and oversteering (I have FFB and and shock strength set quite high on the wheel as like the feeling of solid turning)
    Surprisingly it stayed straight the whole race so I'm hoping it's a sign of things to come, as in trouble free racing...but I'm not going to be convinced until I have given the wheel some good testing.
    I'm not a perfectionist but I feel I shouldnt have to recalibrate a wheel after every race and it shouldn't go off centre during a race....after all I've paid good money for a quality item.:cautious::unsure:

    Update....problem persists.....unhappy, just gonna wait for Fanatec to get back to me, I sent them an email 3 days ago :mad::(:thumbsdown:
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
  13. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    i no this is a long shot , have you tried the other firmware
  14. I've had this issue every now and then on my GT3 wheel, seen it most in GSC2013, I think I have noticed a connection with having a lot of FFB applied to the wheel yanking it right and left hard and fast (for instance when riding a high curb in a stiff car), which leads me to belive that the belt is actually slipping on some of the wheels (not sure if the belts are notched on the inside to make this impossible).
    I've since reduced the FFB on GSC2013 slightly and not had it happen in a while, might be worth a shot?
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  15. I tried both v032 and v037 firmware and problem is the same....and it's almost instantaneous ....there is no period of time when it runs ok and gradually goes off centre....it always happens within a few mins of being used.....I'm convinced I have a flawed product as it's already been sent away, repaired and sent back to me and problem remains....it's either a new unit for me or I'm changing to a different product altogether.....but as of yet Fanatec have failed to responded to my email I sent on Sunday......hmmm
  16. Hey, what do you mean by losing centre position?
    i have an issue aswell with CSW
    it happens only when FFB has been set at max value from wheel settings
    i found very strong centre position of wheel make it impossible to turn
    seems left turning wheel has no problem but right turning wheel seems to be locked at an half of its max rotation (70 degrees on 200 degrees)
    and like your issue, i have some difficulty to hold car straight in straight line
    usually, my car feels like a boat on the road, now FFB is completely ****ed up, centre position of wheel unusually strong, right turning wheel locked, and i have to fight to hold car on the track unless lower FFB from wheel settings
    Fanatec responded me within less than 12 hours because i gave wrong serial number
    if you want them responding you quickly, go to you account and your order history and find CSW.
    from there, email them and dont forget to upload videos, it can help for quicker answers from them
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  17. Yeah I did go through that procedure on my account with Fanatec....but no pics or vids, just a thorough description of what was going on....
    As for what I mean about wheel losing centre position....
    When I calibrate the position of the wheel, I will hold the wheel in a position as if I was driving in a straight line then set it there. However during game play it will lose that position and if i am drive the car in a straight line i have to hold my wheel slightly to the left..........

    Here are a couple of pics before and after a 5 lap race ....

    This is the wheel positioned properly before race, notice where I've circled...the number zero means its in its centred position.. 20140320_172900.jpg

    This pic is after 5 lap race, I am hold the wheel in same position but number is now at 3, which means it's off centre.. 20140320_182237.jpg

    This is a pic of the actual wheel after race...it supposed to be in it's centre position..

    As you can see it is slightly turned to the left and that is the position I have to hold the wheel to drive car in straight line :(, I know it is minimal but it shouldn't be happening and if I do not recalibrate the wheel it will just get worse and worse :(
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
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  18. hi, did you find a way to fix it? I have the exactly same problem, but with the BMW M3 GT2 rim. Fanatec shipped me the code wheel sensor and I replaced it, but the issue remains the same.
  19. Aside from the obvious "reset" process, there is another thing that solved this for me. I found that if Steam is running when I turn the CSW on, it will self calibrate slightly off center. I closed Steam, restarted the wheel and it was fine after that. Perhaps if your not running Steam, there is some other program involved - strange but, may be worth a try.