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Fanatec 911 turbo wheel setup

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daulat Gana, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I dont find fanatec wheel setup anywhere on the forums. Can anyone post me a good wheel setup for fanatec.

  2. I don't know if mine is optimal, but I have sen at 210 (don't have new software so if you do, may want to go down to around 180). FF @ 100, Sho @ 100, Dri off, ABS 95.

    Also important is in game. FFB is set high at about 80%+ all settings. I have all assists off.
    Wheel saturation at 45% (or 50%), Linearity at around 60 to 70%, No dead zones and 100% saturation on pedals.

    Those are the basics. I think ideally if you can set the wheel at 180 degrees, then you'd set wheel saturation at 50%. Since I'm at 210, I have mine at 45% saturation.

    Any other setups recommended, because I haven't cracked the top 15 in 3 races, highest qualy 13th. I am however getting a little faster each week. On the hard setting, it is challenging. Just taking the same car to Time Trial which I assume has all the upgrades, you can cut 3-6 seconds off laps easily. Just easier to drive and more stable too.
  3. Thanks, i am on xbox 360.

    I cant go below 210 setting for sen.

    So is this ok, or please correct it wrong.

    Steering DZ
  4. Zero deadzone for steering too. You don't want any dz with an f1 car in my opinion. I am on 360 too, and have sen set to 210.
  5. Ok, here are my settings for ingame and fanatec wheel. i am still not comfortable with it. Dont know why.Please advice m anyone (Thanks MetzKill1) using fanatec on xbox an ideal setting.

    MetzKill if i set the all DZ to 0 it feels a little twitchy for me.

    Steering DZ 5%
    Steering satuartion 95%
    Steering linearity 50/%
    Throttle DZ 5%
    Throttle saturation 95%
    Brake DZ 5%
    Brake saturation 95%

    environment 100%
    Feedback 40%
    wheel weight 20%

    wheel settings sensitivity 210
    FF 80
    SHO 80
    Driff OFF
    ABS 85

    Ok , now here is the qestion.?

    With this setup , i am not able to "feel" the car , it handles ok..but i just cant get to seem to "connect" with the car.
    Are there any other settings in setup which will make the car responsive and get in-seat feeling?
  6. I'm using Fanatec PWTS

    Wheel Settings
    Sensitivity OFF (900º)
    FF 66
    SHO 66
    Drift OFF
    ABS 35

    Game Settings

    Steering DZ 0%
    Steering Saturation 25%
    Steering Linearity 50%
    Throttle DZ 0%
    Throttle saturation 100%
    Brake DZ 0%
    Brake saturation 90%

    Environment 50%
    Feedback 50%
    Wheel Weight 50%

    Steering input feels great, turn-in is precise and I feel very connected to the car. You can feel grip loss at the limit and kerbs are sensitive and pull like they should. Give it a try and see what you think.
  7. Thanks Shadeshift,

    I was waiting for someone to respond on fanatec. Looks like most of them are using MS wheel or Logitech wheel. I will give this a try tonight and let you know. Thanks again. Like i mentioned in my post , the car handles well..but i just feel disconnected with the car and i am waiting for that perfect feeling.
  8. On GT3RS + CSP:

    Wheel Settings
    Sensitivity 210°
    FF 66%
    SHO 0%

    Game Settings

    Steering DZ 0%

    Steering Saturation 85% (makes real rotation match ingame rotation -> 90° real = 90° ingame. But maybe I should lower it more instead of linearity)

    Steering Linearity 20% -> this setting makes the wheel shake erraticaly when the car is stopped (lowering more make the ffb move the wheel by itself around center position, even with car moving). But that's the way I get more sensitivity at the moment. As said above maybe I should lower saturation more and raise linearity again to get rid of the shaking. Still have to test. Shaking is not that annoying (shakes at starts, and not always) but I feel by reading here and there that more overall sensivity is needed to reach best times)

    Throttle DZ 0%
    Throttle saturation 100%
    Brake DZ 0%
    Brake saturation 100%

    Environment 50%
    Feedback 60%
    Wheel Weight 50% ( <- does this one really do something ?)
  9. I copied these settings from the 911wheel site. Might be a good starting point for some. Your pwts needs to have at least version 669 fw installed (new fw is version 678) to apply these settings.

    "This is what I am using and it seems ok but still no FFB indicating grip / loss of grip / understeer / oversteer and this is fault of the game not the wheel. Lazy game programming by Codies ! Sens 200 FFB 30 or 40 Sho 60 Drift 5 (turns off wheel dampening allowing to feel car better) ABS 85 (whatever you prefer really) LIN 0 Deadzone 10 or 20 works best, leave deadzone in game setting at 0% and put steering linearity at about 30%. Other in game FFB settings need to be around 40% FFB and Environment about 60 or 70, just experiment with these but I found higher settings make it difficult to feel the car properly. Also FFB Weight is best at 0% as it also dampens the wheel taking away any feeling."
  10. I love your Settings ! Cheeba Great ! :) i have FW 678 too !!
  11. Fanatec PWTS with CSSP + CSP (fw version 678) :

    Steering Deadzone 0%
    Steering Saturation 100%
    Steering Linearity 40%
    Throttle Deadzone 0%
    Throttle Saturation 100%
    Brake Deadzone 0%
    Brake Saturation 100%
    Environmental Effects 70%
    Feedback Strength 40%
    Wheel Weight 0%

    Wheel Settings:
    SEN 190 FF 40 SHO 60 DRI 5 ABS 72 LIN 0 DEA 10 SPR 0