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Fall 2011

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Ivo Simons, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. http://www.virtualr.net/henrik-roos-on-simbin-financial-troubles-future/

  2. :frown: aaaahhh that's still almost a year from now before we can play this game
    but it's better to make it a good game than to rush it and deliver something crappy

    I hope their financial trouble ain't too big...
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    That's usually when SImbin games are released so that's no shock there. I'm happy to hear there's a new engine coming :thumb:
  4. It would be terrible to lose Simbin as a sim developer. I hope the new engine is their own and not just a license of ISI's new engine. The last few years in sim racing started to stagnate for me with too many sims all using the same ISI engine. I'm a little dissapointed to hear a new game is so far away but glad to hear something is coming at least.
  5. Believe they use there own Lizard engine. :)
  6. I wondered if it might be but the article cast doubt saying it was 'an all new engine'
  7. Lizard is quite new since never used in a released game, I think.

    There is no problem using ISI engine if it is good. :)
  8. Wasn't Lizard used for RacePro?
  9. yes Pro was lizzard
  10. But was the Physics engine i believe not the graphic engine. But Race Pro was nice Physics wise. :)
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Exactly the same as RACE 07 as all the setups for that game worked perfectly on RACE Pro. Only slightly better / different graphics.

    I hope they move far away from the ISI gmotor engine for their own best, so that not all the GTR3 content is immediately ported for free to rFactor (2).
  12. maybe they are "work in progress" with the lizzard engine OR they wait for the rfactor2 engine.

    I dont care...the isi engine is good but its not a game. SIMBIN made everytime a game of it with logical real physics which modders often dont have the KnowHow or the Budget like engine-sound recording,...
  13. For their sakes yes so their content is not illegally copied, as we've seen some communities have no scruples. I also hope having their own engine would be better to stop the quick and dirty ports across from other sims too.
  14. Doesnt really matter. Takes maybe abit more time but you still gonna see it. :)
    But i hope they use there own engine also, but more because they need to do something different then ISI.
    And make there "own" game. Because Evo and the RACE series are just a big mod with the rFactor engine. :)
  15. Sad to read that SimBin have suffered some financial hardship in recent times. Race PRO could have been something special for we console owners had it been left in development for a little longer. Race PRO gained a small but loyal fanbase and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another SimBin title for my 360. I already have the SimBin back catalogue of games for the PC now as a result of enjoying Race PRO :cool:

    2011 is shaping up quite nicely with this news of GTR 3 being released in the Autumn, racing fans will have a number of titles to play (rFactor 2, Dirt 3, Grid 2, Shift 2 Unleashed and quite probably F1 2011).


  16. and WRC 2011
  17. @TJP: there is only one sim game in these titles...rfactor2 other games are arcade crap
  18. @Ivanjko they may be arcade "crap" but at least gamers will have a wide choice as to what we play. As for rFactor 2 being an accurate simulation, if rFactor is anything to go by, the accuracy of the car physics will vary wildly based on which users are creating the cars and tracks.
  19. All new to the PC platform maybe?
  20. i think it will be the new isi engine because they cant say anything to the game. They have to wait for the release of RF2 and then they can show us screenshots