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Misc F_V12 Talent Files for Formula 1 1995 Season 2.2

F_V12 driver talent files 1995 F1 season

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    F_V12 Talent Files for Formula 1 1995 Season - F_V12 driver talent files 1995 F1 season

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    F_V12 Talent Files v2 KMW

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  3. Folks,
    apologies for the string of small updates. I originally tried to do a quick set of talent files to add to Sebs skins, but they were not getting on with his veh files, so I rushed out a new set which included new veh files as well. Unfortunately I spotted a couple of errors and hence the updates.
    Should be ok at ver 2.2, unless anyone spots anything else wrong :)

    I would like to add some power performance differences to the cars which would make the spread even more realistic, as only so much can be done with the talent files, so I may do that in a later update if I get some time.
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  4. Doug46

    Premium Member

    Thanks will try
  5. Doug46

    Premium Member

    Ukyo Katayama always comes near top even though i alter his figures even lower? any ideas why this is happening thanks , just to make sure i am doing this correct what figures do i alter for the ai cars if say i wanted one to be faster

  6. Apologies for the length of post, but it might be helpful.

    First and foremost, check the following.
    1)talent file name must be UkyoKatayama.RCD
    2)in the talent file, at the top line, his name should be Ukyo Katayama
    3) in the veh file the driver name must be Ukyo Katayama.
    All must be spelt exactly the same and with no extra spaces before or after (only the missing space in the talent file name is correct)

    After that, he should work the same as all the others.

    Here's some info that might be useful.

    First Katayama:
    Hmm, I've rechecked and I cannot see anything wrong with Katayama's files. The only difference I do see is in the veh file. Under 'Description,' it still says U. Katayama instead of his full name Ukyo Katayama. You could try changing that to his full name, but I do not believe it affects the driver ability (I may be wrong though and I would be very interested & surprised to hear if this fixed it).

    Secondly, you could try lowering the completedlaps from 95 down to 35 or lower, see if it helps at all, but again I do not expect it.

    Remember there is some random factor involved in the game engine, so if the only variable we are using is the talent files, it does not always produce the exact results we are looking for ( in another mod, I have set Mansell and Senna stronger than their teammates and yet they regularly are second to Patrese and Berger).
    Secondly, and this could be what is happening, if you keep restarting the same race session, I have found that the same drivers will sometimes continue to be at the front, so maybe the only pure way to test would be to delete the HAT file for the circuit before restarting, or let the race finish on accelerated time and then start another race and see if he is still at the top.

    This is also why I really want to add some power differences to the car engines as well as the talent files, then we should see a more consistent spread of the grid.

    If you change Katayama's name in the veh and some of his talent figures, and he is STILL near the top, please let me know, as I would be interested in finding out why myself, but I did not notice it when I tested at Montreal and Interlagos :)

    Otherwise, in the talent file itself, I have found the numbers that make the main difference are:
    Speed (1 low to 100 high) definitely affects the driver speed compared to other AI

    Min racing skill (1 low to 100 high). This seems to work best if kept lower than speed, but definitely affects their speed compared to other AI

    Aggression (1 low to 100 high). This makes a difference to the AI's efforts to overtake, but can also make them a bit wayward on some turns if it is set too high. Too high also causes them to keep barging the player car, so it seems to be best if kept below 50 (AND also low setting in the main options menu)

    Composure (1 low to 100 high) Higher number seems to make them more consistent in their ability, lower makes them more prone to mistakes (but I believe this only works if AI mistakes are switched on in the plr file)

    Crash & recovery - I have seen some effect from these, but I have not used them much as the AI tend to have enough inconsistency without adding more

    Completed laps (1 low to 100 high) I believe its purpose is to ascertain the drivers performance in that session if you finish the session early, and I have them all set at 95. HOWEVER, I have not tested this number much. I do have them set at different numbers in other mods which have a good working consistency, so it might be worth changing these for all drivers - but then I wonder why Katayama would be the only one affected though.

    courtesy (1 low to 100 high) I believe the slower AI are a little more willing to move over and be passed if courtesy is set higher, and vice versa, front running drivers will be harder to pass. I can only say here that I have felt an improvement when used with the aggression figure as well.

    I am not convinced that reputation or qualifyingability actually do anything.

    I hope that is of some use, I have read many variations of what these numbers do, but I can only say I have found these out for myself and I believe the info to be as correct as I can tell.
  7. Doug,
    I just went to Montreal again, and Ukyo Katayama is right near the bottom in my practice session, so you need to check the things I said above, there must be something wrong in your files.
    BTW, IMPORTANT NOTE - are you sure his talent file is actually in there with the others? If it is missing completely, he will automatically be near the top.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
  8. Doug46

    Premium Member

    Thanks ill try just come back to game apologies for not getting back to you