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Skins F_Retro 1975 Skins 1.0_AMS

Set of 1975 Retro skins and driver helmets, with talent files

  1. Keith Windsor submitted a new resource:

    F_Retro 1975 Skins - Set of 1975 Retro skins and driver helmets, with talent files

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  2. Can I ask one question ?
    I really don't want TWO series of F1 racing 75 in my AMS main menu, so...
    What do you think, should I replace somehow the old one with this one or should I just delete vanila version - from "vehicles" folder and (or just) from "series" folder ?
    Reason is cause I like it my game, same as my life, to be neat and tidy ...as possible. :)
  3. I don't think I'd remove the default ones. But why not just remove my srs file? Then you will just have the default cars in the main menu, but if you want to use mine, they will still be in the 'All cars and tracks' section I think, but they will no longer have their own icon in the main menu. I believe I am right in saying that.
  4. Thanks for your answer but I think I'll still remove the default srs file. :alien: :laugh:
    I just can't stand that fake liveries and fake drivers now once we have the real ones! :)
    Thanks once again, for GSCE and for this AMS version also, from huge F1 vintage history fan.
  5. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Removing the default srs file is a bad idea: the number of all the srs files you have need to follow, otherwise all the ones after F_Retro will not work. If you still do it, you also need to remove the corresponding cch file in your user folder (this is were your stats for each serie are saved); then you need to rename all the srs / tga / cch files that follow that serie to avoid a gap… and it will probably be messed up with the next update!
    Keith, thanks a lot for this set, great work! I must admit I had already transferred your files from SCE and made my own srs… :p
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  6. Man, your historic skins/talent are one of the best parts of GSCE/AMS! I love your '91 and '88. They take up the biggest part of my sim racing time. Thanks for all your terrific stuff.

    I have UI OCD. I just make a new install folder for the mods that I play most frequently. Then I can delete all the tracks that I don't need and reorganize the ones I do in a way I like. When a new update comes along, I have to copy some files over manually but I prefer this way. This way I keep a full install of the regular game and I can more easily mess around with mods.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Loved it on GSCE! Can I transfere my paint job and team from that mod to the AMC version? And if so, what would be the steps?
    I have a special interest in this mod, since I had a very special weekend at Watkins Glen in 1975.
    Thanks for any help!
    Marcus Miller
  8. Nothing special, just be sure to use the new classes= and categories = in your veh file and the rest should be a straight copy & paste into the AMS equivilent folder.
  9. Hi, do you mind to share these Icons?
    I believe F1 88 is Formula Classic and F1 91 is Formula Reiza right?
    Do you have a link for all these skins packages?
    Thanks in advance
  10. The skins are Keith's awesomeness. I was using his GSCE versions dumped into AMS, but Keith has now got both the '75s and the '91s into AMS properly. I can't imagine where the '88 are. :p (just kidding). Both the '88 and '91 skins use the Classic model.

    The icons are just some quick and dirty bang ups because I really didn't like the stock ones. I only have a few, but you are welcome to them.
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  11. Thank you Pudu. :thumbsup:
  12. You might think they are quick and dirty, but they look great compared to my icons - I can not get to grip with the blasted alpha channels !

    The 88 skins are coming - I have been testing them but I got carried away with racing them last night instead of uploading them :)
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  13. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

  14. Wow :confused: that was quick!.

    I wonder if that will work again:sneaky:.

    "Ahem. I say, I can't imagine where the, uh ... lets say ... um, the '94s are."

    Seriously man, this is the kind of stuff all racing games should come with from the developer in the first place (well maybe change a few names :ninja:). Reiza should put you on staff. The single player experience is undervalued and ignored too much by developers in general, so I hugely appreciate the time and effort you put into making these.
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  15. Thanks, that's very good of you to say, but I must stress it can only be done because of the great base game that Reiza has provided in the first place,
    but even more importantly, Reiza have been kind enough to intentionally leave certain features accessible to us, such as upgrades, & PLR/AIW/GDB/SRS/CCH features. They also helped me when I originally asked to get the LED dashboard files to work.
    I am really grateful to them, as all these things make it possible to get as much as possible out of the offline experience.

    Thanks for all the positive comments & I'm glad if anyone else enjoys using these as much as I do.
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  16. Oh, I didn't meant to come down hard on Reiza. They are easily the best developers when it comes to giving their patrons what they want as much as is possible. And I believe that they have very good intentions towards the single player aspect. But they are currently using a game engine that never did have this focus and so they, and you, are finding the best ways to make it work.

    I was speaking more generally about sim makers as a whole - and not just racing, flight sims are the same. The online crowd makes the most noise, but I actually think there are more offline players. "Online Multiplayer" became a games industry golden egg - and that's fine, there is a place for great online gaming. But it came to the detriment of the single player. And I would love to see that reverse direction a bit.
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  17. Yes you're right about that - many games are geared toward multiplayer.

    But I'm really optimistic that we will see some great AI in Reiza's 2017 game when it arrives, and maybe some features that will add even more to the offline experience, such as more indepth career, & some kind of built in spotter/engineer.

    In the meantime though, for me the racing in AMS is the best - there's just not enough time to race all the different cars & tracks :)
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  18. Totally concur.
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  19. Pudu, sry ask things again but how do i create the .srs files? They are mandatory Right? I don´t have this file to 1993 f1 mod
    Doesn´t came with the download :(
  20. Change the file name of this txt file to reizaXX.srs (where XX is the next number in sequence of the ones you already have in your Series folder. And then put it in your series folder.

    You can edit the Championship track list based upon the tracks you want and have installed. The name of the track is listed on the first line of the GDB file for each track.

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