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Skins F458 GT2 - DHL 1.0

F458 GT2 DHL

  1. Pierre Chalochet submitted a new resource:

    F458 GT2 - DHL - F458 GT2 DHL

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  2. I'm a little confused here... seems like many of the skins you uploaded are already existing skins. I own most of them, and your skins are EXACTLY the same. Are you just uploading other modder's skins without permission?? :O_o:
  3. Hi, don't worry, I did 100% of these skins but never uploaded them by RaceDept since the AC's Official forum closure. I think RaceDept is more visible than nogrip (nickname "Lachaussette") so I decided to change my publication way and to re-upload here (all my AC skins only) to managed the futures skins correctly too.

    Thanks for interest and sorry for the confusion, now the next one will be a new skin for sure.
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  4. Ah yes, I recognize your name Lachaussette from NoGrip! :) Sorry about that! I have so many of your skins from way back, always appreciated your awesome work! Cheers!
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