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F3.5 2014 @ Sebring - Mon 18th Aug

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gijs van Elderen, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Car: Formula Renault 3.5 2014 Download
    Safety car:
    RD VWEC PaceCar: Download
    Sebring Download
    Download on server

    Weather: Dry
    Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Fuel use : Normal
    Mechanical failure: Time scaled

    Traction control:
    ABS: Low
    Auto-clutch: Allowed

    Flag rules:
    Local yellows are active!!! (Slow down, be careful and don't overtake)
    If there is a serious multiple car incident there is a safety car procedure possible.
    Unsportsmanlike sensitivity: 0,4
    If you hit someone in the rear you'll get a warning. if you hit someone to much you'll get a Stop/Go.
    If you knock someone around you'll get a Stop/Go immediate.

    Parc fermé: except: brake bias and pressure, fuel level and pit strategy and tires.
    Note: If you didn't set a lap time during quali, everything is still open.

    Practice: 19:00 GMT
    Qually **: 19:20 GMT 2x5 min with super-pole: (out lap, 1 hot lap, in lap)
    Warm up: 5 min
    Race: 30 min with Reconnaissance** lap: Start from the pit lane and drive to your starting position.

    ** Reconnaissance time: 2,5 min total:
    You'll have 60 sec to exit the pit lane. If not: You'll start from the pit lane with cold tires.
    After that: you still have 90 sec to drive to the starting grid on your own tempo to pre-heat tires, brakes, engine and to drive to your starting position. If you are not on your starting position in time, you'll be spawned on your spot in Neutral.

    ** Qually Q1 and Q2: Server will dived the grid into 2 groups at random: Q1 and Q2.
    So you'll be in Q1 or Q2 to do your super-pole lap.

    Racedepartment Calendar: Click here
    Server password: Click here
    Racing rules: Click here
    Clock GMT: Click here

    Sign up list
    1. Gijs van Elderen
    2. Martin Bulgin
    3. Jelle van der Knaap
    4. Bjorn de Haas
    5. Frederic Schornstein
    6. Nicolas Delamare
    7. Calum McLure
    8. Antonio Castagna
    9. Joao Fernandes
    10. James Sadler
    11. Paul Hurlow
    12. Enrico Barducco
    13. David O'Reilly
    14. Ben Eastman
    15. Dan Drewer
    16. Adrian Falcon
    17. Jörn Horbelt
    18. Oscar Hardwick
    19. Anestis Genidounias
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    Max: 24 drivers

    Note: Please sign out well in time (at least 1 hour before the practise session begins) if you're unable to make the race. Thanks!
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2014
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  2. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Yes please
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  3. Sign me up plz!:D
  4. Sign me up plz..
  5. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Sign me up please
  6. Server is UP!

    I've changed the safety car. :) Downloads in the first post.
  7. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    @Christian Michel Our most loved track :D

    Anyway great car and good memories from last season, so I am in :)
  8. Sign me please !
  9. Sign me up pls :)
  10. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Sign me up please :)
  11. sign me please
  12. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium

    Sign me up please :)
  13. PaulH


    Sign me up plz ;)
  14. Guys what are the drs rules here?
  15. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    I'm not sure if there are any DRS zones at Sebring, in practice you can use it when you like but as for the race I imagine it' will be disabled, unless it's an easy tweak to a file or something, perhaps Gijs knows ?
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  16. I think in real life you'll have 350sec to use DRS where ever you want. We don't have a time limit. So DRS is always available. :geek:

    In the league, DRS is only available in the DRS zones. In practice, Quali and the race as usual within a 1-2 sec gap.
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  17. thanks guys :D see ya all tomorow then
  18. Sign me up plz ;)
  19. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Please sign me up!