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Cars F1VRC | McLaren-Honda MP4/5 [W.I.P]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by SennaHonda_1988, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    F1VRC is proud to announce that the McLaren-Honda MP4/5 from the 1989 season is currently in development. We will keep you informed of any progression.

    1989 is the first year of the naturally aspirated engines after the banning of the turbocharged engines at the end of the previous season.

    This car and season are famous for two reasons, the first one is because of the pre-race agreement between Prost and Senna that whoever led into the first turn should stay there. This agreement was broken by Senna who passed Prost in the first corner after the restart (Senna said after that the agreement was only for the first start not the restart.) This event caused the begin of the incredible rivalry who will continue over the next seasons. It's at Suzuka in Japan that their rivalry litteraly passed to a other level with the fateful collision at the chicane on lap 46. Prost was out on the spot while Senna was able to restart and after pitting for a new nose, re-took the lead went on to win the race. He was disqualified after the race for receiving a push start and missing the chicane after restarting which gave Prost his 3rd World Championship.

    The little brother of the MP4/4, the MP4/5 is powered by a Honda RA109-E, 3.5liters V10 Engine producing around 675BHP with a chassis inspired from the MP4/4. The chassis + other parts will modified and used for 1990 season (MP4/5B).

    If you want to support our team, you can consider the option to make a donation here or on our website.


    * You can follow the progress of the development in the Work In Progress page with the progress bar *


    You can visit our website for future project, annoucement and more.

    Thank You, :)
    From all the team members
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  2. very nice love the fisrt one very much mp4/4
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  3. Very nice, the mp4/4 was great !
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  4. mantasisg

    Premium Member

    ^^^ MP4/4 is great :D

    I'm choosing this mod, it is just good !

    Haven't tried it against 98T, how much faster this car is than 98T (sorry for possibly not the best question, could find out myself, but I think it is good topic).