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Cars F1sr ferrari f248 public beta 2 demo 19/09/15 2015-09-19

F1 2006 demo

  1. Stuart Phillips submitted a new resource:

    F1sr ferrari f248 public beta 2 demo 19/09/15 - F1 2006 demo

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  2. Piermario


    Sorry but the visual internal braking known black lines include photos. F1.jpg
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  3. Revision history empty, what is the difference from the first version?
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  4. First impressions are very good, will have a real play with it later. There is a problem with the edges of the driver helmet being displayed when using cockpit camera. I can get around this by moving the camera forward, but for me on triple-screen I can't see the mirrors then.
    See image:-
  5. It is also freezing the game in the garage at random points. I've tried other cars on same track and no issues. Dynamics are nice, but this problem stopped me from playing around with setup.
  6. I have the Same problem , are there any solutions ?
  7. the helmet is rendered in first person view so sometimes it cipps trough the view. and there is no animation for when you are turning the wheel 180°+
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  8. Hello, is this mod dead ?
  9. MHS


    Not dead, just in standby for the moment.
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  10. Ok, thanks for the reply.
  11. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    Same for the Renault R26, I suppose? :(
  12. hello Phillps !
    thanks your great works for Public beta release of F1SR F248 2006 season,it is very nice!
    I put F1SR Ferrari F1248 public beta demo in Assetto Corsa,it works.but I put Public beta release 2 of F1SR F248 2006 in Assetto Corsa,it can not loading in any tracks!
    I does not know how about it ?pleas help me thanks!

  13. Great car, hopefully it will be an easy fix, shame to loose such a masterpiece.
  14. They didn't worked on that car for a year by now so don't expect a fix from them.
  15. MHS


    There will be more than a fix, the 2006 are being worked. We are also improving the 3D model... but that takes a lot of time. Meanwhile be sure to check ASR website for further news.
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  17. My patience is now in doubt.

    How much time do we have to wait yet?.
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  18. MHS


    I don't want to be disrespectful... But we all have our lives and we do this for free and as a hobby, I am in a really busy moment of my life, and there are a lot of projects that we want to finish before really focusing on the F1 2006 cars. We are currently really improving some of our older beta cars in order to give you some V 1.0 of them as soon as possible... But again I don't have much time for this at the moment. We are aiming to release one V1.0 of our older betas each month. No promeses, no compromises (as I have to remember you that this is a hobby for all of us and we do it whenever we have free time).

    Anyways... we didn't "fix" the current Ferrari 248 beta because we don't own the rights to use the physics that were used for the released beta of that car, so we just have to re-work it from scratch (at least talking about physics and sounds, that is the main problem with the mod at the moment). And as I think I said before, we prefered to take our time and work on scratch made 3d models with a higher quality before going back to work on a conversion of an old mod (don't saying the mod is not cool and don't saying we are never gonna work on it).

    By the way... donations help a lot! As an Argentinian I have to tell you that our economy is nowhere near to what I would like, and every penny you donate helps me having more free time for modding.

    Thank you for your understanding, and meanwhile enjoy all our current betas.
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