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F1SR 1994 LE

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ivo Simons, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. So looking forward to this one. One of my favorite years cars wise.
    No driving aids anymore, refueling at pits, and the Benetton Verstappen. :p





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  2. ive been running a few test races with F1SR and what a mod
    im looking forward to its release
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  3. Seems perfect. 1994 was set to be one of the most thrilling years of F1 with all the new rule changes and with Schumacher ready to challenge Senna. But of course, not everything that is planned turns out how you would expect.
  4. Cool. Is it close to 1992 mod or the 1993 mod?
    If you have drivin them offcourse. :)
  5. Did they also create F1 1990? I'd like them to finish their work on that one first:|
  6. Thats SRM.
  7. was a beta tester for the 92s

    a bit tougher than the 92 setup wise,hard to compair really but more like the 92 but a bit harder to drive

    should'nt be long now
  8. Ah right. Damn you, similiar sounding modding teams!xD
  9. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I'm excited about this! looking forward to it.
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  10. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    It gave me the chills driving Senna's car around Imola 1990, and setting a 1.22.7 lap. However, it was creepy when I realized I might ws going to loose the car in Tamburello, I don't think I've ever pressed escape that fast ever.

    I didn't really enjoy the mod either, but I'm going to play it a bit, just to drive with Senna and Ratzenberger.
  11. Wow really nice again. In the first laps i directly had the feeling wich is always important for me.
    Braking is stable but not to easy also. Its very close to the 92 mod. Car does what i want and its not crazy understeery. Really fun. :)

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  12. I am hoping they make a Historic Version, their League Editions are normally far too easy and don't have enough character.
  13. Here is one lap around Monza with the MTV Simtek of R. Ratzenberger.

  14. Downloaded this last night, excellent stuff. The ffb feels a bit weak for me though, I guess its down to my settings :(
  15. I found their 92 mod has way too much grip and even HUGE setup changes didn't have effect on the car characteristics and handling. Too bad because their 1991 mod is perfect apart from weird and too steep slip angles.

    Haven't tested this one yet.
  16. Guess so yeah. Because i needed to tune my overall strenght down from 100% to 85%.
    Otherwise i broke my arm after 2 laps. :p
  17. Downloaded - Looks awesome :) Will try it tomorrow. Does anyone perhaps know of a trackpack for this mod aswell please?
  18. Funny, I actually find them easier to drive and needing less setup work. I think I'll go compare them now just to make sure.
  19. It is a very accurate mod IMO. But is there a trackpack for it?