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F1800 - Prato GP

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Lee Ross, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. As above just some minor tweaks as i'm still getting my head round NKP and it's car setups. Works well for me but be soft with the brakes and i have quite a high coast to help stabalize the braking a bit and could probrably come down a fair bit but i'm sure with more practise it will change

    Managed a 1:33:2 with it so far but only had a few hours yesterday, i think mid 32's are on for me with some further tweaks as a few corners i feel i can take in a higher gear and also i was too slow on the throttle exiting some turns.

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  2. Here is the one i used to tonight with some further tweaking, adjust sterring lock to suit as i'm using 900 degrees :D Alot more stable as the other was pretty hairy!

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  3. Sorry for posting now,i hope it helps in future ;)

    With my hot i did 1.32.34
    With race set u can drive around 1.33...

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  4. Thanks to both of you. I'll try them tomorrow, and see if my car was slow, or it was just me :D
  5. Here are mine.

    The race sets are understeering pigs.I did my pb with -race2-.

    The other one -sosna3- is more tail happy but still capable of low 32's.

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  6. really really really thank you all for your help guys!!! i will test them a lot!!!! :D