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F12011 1.02 CROWD FIX For 4CORE

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by zeno dyk, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guyz, I've been looking around all the files from latest 1.02 patch. It seems codies downgrading some graphics detail-"I think" to increase some fps and I manage to find the small solution for the crowd pop-up when drive closed to them. Hope it work for all of u guyz. ;)

    Good luck fellow RD members & all F1 racers

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  2. Ah nice, it does work on my system. A very, very slight drop in performance (only lost around 1 fps) but I'd pay 10x that to get the crowds back. Thanks a lot for this :)

    Now the only thing that bothers me graphically is the racing line (I have no racing line) and pixelated drying line.

    Edit - I really really appreciate this fix, thanks a lot. I really do :)
  3. :) Wow, thanks for that.....Excellent work. Maybe codemasters should hire you to do their job
  4. Great work. I still get the actual stands changing colour from light to drak grey (mostly at Canada) as I get near to them but this fix removes the problem of the crowd suddenly popping up. Why on earth can CM not do what you have done??
  5. Hmm. Guess I need to look at the stands more as I haven't noticed any change since the patch. Then again I am looking down the road and not off to the side at the crowds.
  6. "Hmm. Guess I need to look at the stands more as I haven't noticed any change since the patch. Then again I am looking down the road and not off to the side at the crowds."

    Yes, so am I....however at Canada (at the hairpin) the stands are right in front of you!​
  7. Hey, I've extracted teh folder and now have the text document. Where in the F1 2011 folder do I put it?
  8. xml document sorry
  9. Copy it to your "F1 2011/system" folder. Remember to backup your file before you replace.
  10. Okay thankyou very much!
  11. Great work zeno, this sorted it for my i7 920 - cant thank you enough mate :cool:

    Yeah still getting the colour change in the stand too (light to dark grey).
  12. what about 6 core ? My crowd is really bad aswell.. : (
  13. To get a better view of the grandstand changing color from light to dark is in monza when approaching ascari chicane.. so annoying!
  14. intertesting as that is nowhere near as obvious on my system as the grandstand on the hairpin at Canada and the smaller one on the right hand side just after you go around the hairpin.
  15. Unfortunately this workermapcore is giving me repeated game crashes when leaving the garage (race only) and random crashes in practice etc (game will freeze). I have tried adopting the previous fix for the out of garage fix to this workermap but with no luck.

    CPU i7 930
  16. I get a similar problem, the game crashes if I do more than one session at a time (that means I can do P1 and quit, but if I try to do P1 + P2 or more, it freezes).

    I hope CM can get their act together for PC in 2012, the little bugs with the PC version bother me.
  17. I have no issue on crashing, Try this one, see if it still crashes.
    It may not look as good as the 1st post.

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  18. thanks will give it a go!
  19. One race started OK with the new file....the next game crashed whilst leaving the pit....thanks for trying though.

    Out of interest, do you have hyper threading enabled or disabled in your bios?
  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Guys please dont use the attachement system for modifications. Just upload them somewhere and post a link :)