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F1 will struggle in the US - Ecclestone

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Bernie Ecclestone does not see F1 taking off in the USA over the next ten years despite the addition of two grands prix on American soil by 2013.
    Despite some concerns over funding, Austin is set to host the return of the US Grand Prix next year for the first time since the race fell off the calendar in 2007. In 2013 New Jersey will also host F1, but Ecclestone is wary that two grands prix might not be enough to crack the US market.

    But Ecclestone is not just focusing on the US, revealing that South Africa is close to an F1 return for the first time since 1993.

    "We're going to be in Russia in 2014, South Africa, probably in 2013 even," he added, before warning that spaces on the calendar are now limited.

  2. Why are we going to the US then? And why to SA? Bernie, you never seem to make sense. If you don't think it's good, don't do it!
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  3. He does not care though. He will still get the money as it´s paid before the actual event. Thus whatever happens after that does not really matter to him. It´s just his opinion on how F1 will break through in USA if it ever will.
  4. So, according to Bernie, F1 is not going to work in America and is finished in Europe.

    Why don't you just tell us the truth Bernie. You have a queue of Middle Eastern and Asian states throwing obscene money your way, and it's breaking your heart having to turn it down, so you need to... how do I say it..... 'get rid' of some of the less productive tracks, which in this case means the best tracks.

    Like he cares
  5. then why are we still racing in Europe and USA the next couple of years? :)

    He´s just talking about the long term for F1 in USA. Meaning it´s not his choice but rather the american people.
  6. Just to kill any conspiracies that Bernie is solely after money.. Here is a world map of the races for next year.


    To me atleast, this looks like a plan to expand F1 across the world and not just keeping it centralized in Europe.
    And when you consider the fact that there can only be so many events per year, something has to budge.

    So you have a classical track where F1 is established to the fullest, and on the other hand you have countries that are either on the rise or simply isn´t that into F1 but want to (India for example)

    So what do you do? As a businessman you go for the latter one because that one will pay of in the end because it´s simply more important for the future of F1.

    This is also the reason why South Africa is on the rise, Argentina might possibly get a GP in the future and then of course Russia will have it´s own GP.

    So it´s not a case of show me the money! but rather, what cities are the most important ones today and tomorrow.

    Updated map,
  7. Argentina is on the east (right) side of South America.

    And the map is incorrect. The Hungaroring is still on the calendar, so Hungary should be yellow as well.

    But I see what you mean.
  8. Good map! I think it's good that all the continents gets a chance to host the Royalty of motorsport. I would like to see 2 minimum, that means 2 for N. America, 2 in S. America, 2 in Africa etc. Even when Europian tracks have the prestige and legacy, F1 should be purely international series. The bad news is, the races that are being dropped are not the worst of EU tracks... I could literally go and rip the modern Hockenheim piece by piece apart... ( i almost typoed bombed but then remembered, whuh, not a good choice of words ;)
  9. Oops sorry missed that one ;)

    Can´t believe i missed Argentina as well, for some reason i thought of Peru to the left when like you say it´s south of Brazil.
  10. Here´s the updated list, noticed i completely **** on another country...
  11. No GP in Turkey, was going to mention the little mistake with France and Germany but you corrected it before I had the chance haha
  12. Updated the map with what i think are potential markets and what won´t be for a long time. Just my opinion on that though and i´m far from an expert.


    About Germany/France... shhhhh :)
  13. Switzerland... GREEN WUT?

    We've got a ban on circuit racing and the goverment doesn't care, forget it. It stands since 1955...

    France... I'd love Charade, but outdated and not in usexD

    No races in the Arabian world, thanks. Bahrain's worse enough.
  14. Hey stop hating, i started to get delirious with all the got damn colors i think i painted a couple of them wrong :)
    Just semi close your eyes and say "yup, damn fine job you did there Hampus"

    :) I swear i did not sleep one minute last night so i think that might be the cause to all the confusion with contries.
    I mean i live in Europe and i know it perfectly fine, just that my brain is on auto pilot today ;)
  15. Where's the hater, where?

    It only misses "White - Neutral", since Switzerland is called neutral.

    EDIT: That's actually crap, but "we" are too frightened to say anythingxD
  16. Where´s the smileys? Oh there they are... ;)

    Next time i´ll just write "Joke" at the bottom :)
  17. Bernie is just following the global economy. You can't fault him for being smart....greedy...yes, stupid...no. He's looking at where the 'new' money is being made. It's not here in America. Take a look at that map. Now look at the financial news for most of the places mentioned and the number of billionaires created there recently.