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F1 - Where will the Action be for you?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Scott Webber, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Which track will you jump on and enjoy the action?

    ofcourse most people tend to go on a track they enjoy the most and go buzzing around like a looney admiring the new improvements of the game.

    What Track?
    What Car?
    Why is the track so special for you?

    Let's hear what you like most, are you all about speed or being a technical driver who loves a challenge like Singapore or Monaco for example.
  2. If it was 2011, it would be the Nürburgring, my "home" track and the only track I've been at in real life.

    But because it is 2012 and it's Hockenheim, wich was not included in 2011, it will be Spa, the ultimate challenge (despite the street tracks). :)

    I will probably choose a Tier 5 car, because I raced (almost) exclusively for Caterham (Lotus) in 2011.
    Or I'll switch to the LotusRenault which is the besst-looking car this season!
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  3. What Track? it would definitely have to be Spa

    What Car? Ofcourse Mclaren (seeing that im British and i support Button)

    Why is the track so special for you? I think this track has more history then all the rest of the tracks, the F1 history at Spa is stunning , such a beutiful place, the track runs through the beautiful heartland of Belguim, unfortunatly the track has a dark side which has cost the lives of 2 Formula one Driver's in the past. Bring on the Thrill!
  4. What Track: Spa, Monaco, Singapore, Hungary

    What Car: Probably Mclaren

    WHY IS THE TRACK SPECIAL: Spa, well historic track and is a hell of a lot of fun to drive with the high speed corners and good for overtaking,
    Monaco, Singapore & Hungary, I seem to be pretty good at street tracks and Hungary is kind of a street track, I also enjoy trying to keep it out of the close barriers while still trying to go as fast as possible :)
  5. Hungary.

    Red Bull

    Closest track from me, in online league witch im driving on rfactor i had first pole. I like this track, and i really like fast corners so japan would be nice track to drive, malaysia too.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What Track? Taruma
    What Car? Mini Cooper

    Oh wait other game!

    What Track? Circuit of the Americas
    What Car? CaterBram with Heikki
    Why is the track so special for you? Only track that is new to me.
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  7. Track - 1. Austin, 2. Spa, 3. Monza, 4. Silverstone
    Car - Ferrari (why on Earth would I want to choose some other car? :O_o: )
    Why? 1. cause it's brand new, 2.-4. do you really have to ask? ;)