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F1 top teams on start career + realistic database (post patch #7)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Demy van Zoggel, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. No problem man!

    If people have requests you can always ask me database isn't a lot of work!
  2. Mate, what values did you change to get the teams like in the 2012 real life season and also kimi?
  3. Changed everything what should be changed refering to ai_driver tab.
    I turned Kimi's virtual performance all the way up to 0.99
  4. Demy-

    Great mod. Have you figured out the weather settings in the databse? I'd love to just edit out rain altogether.
  5. Great job as always :) Exactly what I was looking for! :cool:
  6. No me inicia el juego me podes pasar el archivo original?
  7. English please. This is an English forum
  9. Upload this for patch 1 please
  10. Demy please upload this for patch 1
  11. Why haven't you installed all of the other patches?
    When you've registered your game through steam the patches will install automaticaly
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Can i ask you what values you`ve changed to get top teams at the start of career just curious :)
    Since sooner or later Roberto Costa overhaul will be available and i dont know if he will include it in his database so id figured that if i know how to pull it off would be easier than asking him to add it as a standalone

    Pirates never learn :D
  14. Hi
    i was wondering if i could use this database file while i am using the realism mod database file which also has a database.bin file? If i put this in, it will overite my database.bin file. Would this cause me a problem for my realism mod? They are both using the same file.
  15. Ok then can you tell me what values you edited for permormance change and top teams.i will try editing them myself :D
  16. My game is not pirated stop calling me pirate
  17. Then tell us why you haven't got all the patches?
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  18. Sorry to bring this topic back up but i would like to know how do i get to unlock all teams with this file without changing other numbers in my database file? I am currently using the Realism Mod v2.2 and safety car fix (which has a database file included) and i would like to have all teams unlocked without damaging my database file from the "realism" mod. Is there one section in the database that i can go to modify to unlock all teams after the YDT?
  19. wizzard You can't unlock all the teams (at least for now). But you can change the Id's of Williams, FI, STR, Caterham, Marussia and HRT to the teams you want to play in career but remember if you change id's the Save file you have will get corrupt so Create a new save and start new career.
  20. Kartik Sri Harsha: Thanks for the information. My last question, if i change the ID on HRT to have the Renault, will my renault fall in the same performance category as the HRT?
    Also could you please let me know where to change the team ID?