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F1 top teams on start career + realistic database (post patch #7)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Demy van Zoggel, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. In the file below i have fixed an issue with blejky's top team on start of career mod (fixed the performance change issue).

    Now you can finally start a career with ; Sauber, Lotus, Mercedes, Ferrari, Mclaren or Red Bull!

    I've also adjusted the database for more realism on Legend and made AI as realistic as 2012 season. So Improvements on Raikkonen and ive made Karthikeyan even more bad. (Of course adjusted others drivers as well)

    I also made AI more aggressive, and adjusted the pace of Legend AI so people can keep up during race.

    Download link:

    Download link: (F1 top teams at start only, so no other database changes):
    http://www.mediafire.com/?dvz4qrsdq1zx10l (you need to rename this to "database")

    Just replace this database file with f1 2012 folder > database > database file.


    Back-up your database file before placing this.

    And if a new patch gets here, be sure you place this database before the game starts. This way you prevent corrupt save file.

    I will post a video later to show everything works, so people dont need to sacrifice their save file for nothing
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  2. gracias
  3. thank you Demy, :thumbsup:
  4. Well replaced it happened now the game does not start
  5. I'll give it a try!
  6. mydriaz


    Thank you.
  7. What do you mean it doesn't start? Does it hang in steam?
  8. AI are now ALIENS even on PRO... Melbourbourne Qualy I drive 1:26:4xx, then skip session and Vettel is 2,9 sec behind me. I thought this is a little bit too much so I went back to main screen and restartet Qualy and did not skipped the session and drove 1:26.7xx and the AI now drove 1:25.1xx. What the..? Why they are THAT fast on PRO when I do not skip the session or why they are that lame when I skip the session?
  9. Hmm ok, im gonna check that out.

    EDIT: Checked it out and im not really noticing and big difference, does all AI get much quicker than usual or only some cars? At my game they just drive 1.29 or something in Q1 (pro) and on legend 1.27 high.
    I changed the chance for AI to have a good or bad day, this may involve in the times.
    Can you try the top teams only version? this does not make your file go corrupt again!

    For people that only want the top teams and no other changes i update begin post.
  10. Demy, does not enter the game, will not start, but it must be that it was because I would have started the game
  11. Hey there,

    I am on patch #7, yet when i turn on the game, it says my save file is corrupt! do i need to create a new profile in order for this to work? may thanks!
  12. Yes, your save file will be corrupt. This will be the last time it is if you keep these settings!
  13. Advancing time or skippind the session is not a mod bug, its a game bug. Times posted by AI is different always if you do a normal session and if you advance time.
    Ie. Don't remember the exactly time, but on Canada on a wet track the AI times were 1.23.xxx on Q3 (possible to beat), when i advance time they start to do 1.21.xxx (almost impossible to beat). That happened on legend, not sure about pro.
  14. Can you make database with correct slow teams like kartikhean and kimi like there where them been and little bit more agressive and powerfull than original database? And drivers ability to yeongam track?:rolleyes: sorry for english :whistling:
  15. Are you only adjusting the ai_drivers table? Or are there oter factors too?
  16. Really good mod. Helped me take 2nd place from 5th due to crashes on the 10 lap including the front runners :D
  17. I adjust the ai_driver, f1drivers_f1teams and f1 teams tabs. (At least if you want top start career teams)

    Good to hear Kimi, be sure that when there gets an patch you dont start the game before you put my edit database in there. Otherwise your profile will be corrupt.
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  18. Just another question to this topic.
    When I gonna adjust this tables AFTER I started a savegame... they will be corrupt too or only when a new patch goes on air?
  19. Your savegame will be corrupt, this is because default career cars change.
  20. And do the teams change their garage?
    (Like Red Bull got the last garage instead of the first?)

    Sorry for all the questions... just want to be sure I understand all :)

    EDIT: Wait wait... i found it by myself. Only ID get changed... garages should be fine :p
    But in theory... when I change the ai driver skills and the names from season to season (I wanna change the cockpits around... not only me) it should be fine too?