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F1: To boo, or not to boo? Opinion roundup

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Howard, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Howard

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    Howard Choularton submitted a new blog post:

    F1: To boo, or not to boo? Opinion roundup

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  2. it's real boring with vettel always winning, I still enjoy the other battles on the track
  3. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I say BOO to the rest of the drivers and teams, for not working hard enough.
    You can't blame Vettel and Red Bull for doing there job.

    I'm not a Vettel fan but it was great how he did it yesterday, a real champion.
    If he keeps going like that, he'll be a world champion some day:)
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  4. at places like monza i almost like it, there the crowd has an allegiance to a team so its not personal. Places like singapore i feel it is personal, and is therefore not something i see as good. But i do think booing is part of sport whether we like it or not, people are always gonna find a way of showing they don't like someone
  5. I am not a fan of RBR or Vettel, but I admire what they are doing - showing the rest of F1 how its done. The Booing is unfair and IS personal - could stem from Multi 21, I don't know.
    I would rather see battles to win to races, but until the rest of F1 catches RBR, this I fear will be a RBR season again and again.
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  6. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Why don't the FIA stop giving the crowd ammo for this behaviour and stop these ridiculous podium interviews and go back to the way it was. It's only prevelent now since these podium interviews started. Its a god damn shame we as spectators can not give credit when credit due.

    I agree with the comment above if spectators want to be annoyed with someone, be annoyed with the team you support for not doing a better job.
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  7. Lazarou


    Good shout Gavin the podium interviews are ridiculous and create a situation for this. I don't think its right that Vettel should be boo'ed he is just doing the best job out there he is not even in the same league when compared to Senna, Schmuacher or any other multiple world champions for team mate shenanigins. Although the races are being dominated by Vettel it is not his fault he is getting the best from the car it is up to the other top drivers to get to his level.
  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    This. :thumbsup:
  9. Like many I'm not a Vettel fan but booing him is silly. He clearly is talented and that deserves to be praised. You don't have to like the guy but you should at least respect him.
  10. It's a bit of a shambles really. You don't see boo'ing in Rally for Loeb, or the late McRae, and Burns. don't think i've seen it in Indycar or Nascar either. You don't see it in Tennis, unless the player is being un-sportsman like. it seems F1 is drawing supporters from football and boxing et al, where it is common place to boo the opposition. It's not wanted or called for and currently seems to be the only motorsport where it occurs. it needs to stop, especially now spectators are allowed on the track. Last thing we want is a brawl amongst different supports right beneath the podium
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  11. It's just plain pathetic, I don't even see any reason to elaborate further.
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  12. To boo! But not to Vettel.
  13. Dux


    I think they are like bunch of teenagers on first school day showing off when in fact they are the worst around. I think that BOOing started with Silverstone when his famous retiring really amazed then british fans of Hamilton, who previously had blown a tyre. By the luck he had to go with the lead, afterwards hitted on him, so he retired and that was a very expected reaction.

    SInce then the BOOing i think, like i said in the opening, is from small group of people that are either trying to be interesting or doesnt have a clue of what u need to win an F1 grand prix race, not to speak about being 3 Times World Champion
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  14. Every controversy will attract "new" viewers, I guess. F1 needs more money (since the Red Billionnaire sugar-daddy won't "share" his lot with the rest of the paddock, although he doesn't have to).
  15. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I am not a fan of any driver in particular, I watch the races to see good racing. I want to see good racing, good driving, good overtaking. Vettel delivers this consistently, and while he has the odd moment that makes me frown (say, his overtake on Webber when he was ordered not to, or his horrific taste in music :-D) I respect that he is a phenomenal driver. Of course he shouldn't get booed.
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  16. And, just to clarify this ^^, Vettel is, without a doubt, one of the best drivers and on his way to Legend status. The fact that his team has access to unlimited resources doesn't minimize his talent at all. It's just that the other great drivers beside him don't race for teams that have the same level of resources access.

    Vettel himself shouldn't bother about the small minority of stupid "boo-ers" because he has other goals to achieve, and I think he does a very good job concentrating on that.
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  17. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    I dont agree with the booing its a bad thing but it was bound to happen ...

    i see F1 is a bit like football these days , the richest win all the time and fans of one team or another will jeer ... occasionally there will be a shock but other than that the same faces will be there on the podium more or less each time

    For me F1 should be the pinnacle of motorsport but its fallen off its own podium ; its failed to be a sport now and is a piece of theatre or closer to pantomime

    As for Vettle , i think he and redbull shot themselves in the foot a while ago and in public opinion they have been limping ever since ,
    Kudos to Redbull and Adrian Newey ... brilliant car , kudos to Vettle he is good ... but its the sport or the politics that have changed this sport that is leading us down this path ...

    Personally , hope Bernie pops his clogs soon and there is a seed change in F1 and one that thinks of the future of this series and not the size of the bank accounts of the few ....

    GT racing anyone ;)

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  18. Boo..but only to the kindergarten FIA...see what they did to Webber after he was picked up by Alonso.Bunch of old pricks. And Boo to Mercs Strategy.
    I don't get the Boo'ers, looks like 95% of all people who are watching F1 are retarded and have no clue of F1 at all.
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  19. It´s a bit weird. Was Schumi booed like this? He surely wasn´t all that popular either...
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  20. It's childish and pathetic. The problem is it's a chain reaction, it only takes one person to start it then it spreads. Spectators need to grow up or face never having public podiums or public interviews again.
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