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F1 to Ban FRIC suspension System

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Nelson Ullinskey, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Nelson Ullinskey

    Nelson Ullinskey
    Premium Member

    An article I found on Racer.com says F1 is set to ban FRIC suspension systems. The gist of the article is that Mercedes is using a FRIC suspension system, which was originally used by Lotus/Renault way back in 08. Mercedes have since perfected it and this could very well be the reason for their performance this year. F1 wants to ban its use before the German Grand Prix, but without adequate testing time, it may be a bad idea. Teams will vote if it should enacted prior to the German race, or at the end of the season.

    Found this interesting so I thought I should point it out :)
  2. There should be a law or something preventing the FIA to change the rules mid-season... No other sport does that.
  3. Well, according to the article, it's not a changing of a rule, but rather the correct application of the rule. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. Apparently the Suspension was not illegal the last 6 years (it's not like it just popped up this season) and most teams use it (I suspect Ferrari are not), so there shouldn't be a problem...
  5. Still not a "new rule mid-season".
  6. I know and I stand corrected but I still think they could simply ban it starting next season. Then there would be no trouble whatsoever.... Unless (as I suspect) Ferrari do not use it, then they will be furious and go on and on about how they are the only team that's supposed to win and whatever...
  7. ^
    While it's technically not a "rule change," I agree with your sentiment. It has not been a secret that Mercedes was running this system. If it was going to be declared illegal, it should have happened at the beginning of the season.
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  8. Ron goes... haha
  9. Well done FIA, teams are definitely playing with fire with those freak suspensions. Oh wait, they are here since 2008...
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  10. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium Member

    "Having now seen and studied nearly every current design of front to rear linked suspension system we, the FIA, are formally of the view that the legality of all such systems could be called into question."

    "Now"...July...middle of the season. Nice work FIA, as usual.
  11. Formula One needs a new governing body
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  12. It is not like Mercs is the only team using it? half of the grid does but I guess they finally figured out what the secret is behind that car. Rumors says that their system is highly advanced than any other team being able to control and manipulate the roll and pitch of the car in such a way trough corners that no other team is doing and giving them an advantage over half the field especially in race trim being so much faster over other teams.. This system is on the thin line now of being illegal by being able to do those things,

    (reminds me a bit of the highly advanced front suspension that made Alonso Champion with Renault back in 05/06)

    FIA you approved that car in the start of the season and it was deemed legal, if they need this change it shows that they ****ed up.:D .................. as usual.

    And pls stop to try make races more interesting with artificial rules and gimmicks, F1 doesn't need that. Any one seen the new 18" rims,.... o boy ugly bastards.:notworthy:
  13. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
    Premium Member

    F1 is banning engineering in other words :D
  14. More to the point,
    "If is F1 spelled backwards." - Murray Walker (legendary F1 commentator)
  15. It's about time all the team band together and 'walk' away from the current FIA.
    There is absolutely nothing to stop them from racing on Sundays under their own banner and policing body.
    Sure! it couldn't be called Formula One.
    Nobody would discount these racer and flock to watch a 'new' series of F1...knowing fully well these are the best drivers in the world. I sure wouldn't.
    As to Bernie and company...they'd be left with TV rights and comparatively small TV audiences.
    Most TV stations would quickly off-load that broadcasting.
    That would be the start to the fall of this monopoly.
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  16. As soon as a team has build a highly competitive car the FIA always looks to shoot them down, I don't understand the Pinnacle of motor sport, if they so badly want teams to be so close why not give all teams a GP2 car

    I thought innovation was what brings a difference to the F1, I bet there are to many cooks
  17. I saw those, sure looks far better than the current toy car wheels they are using, last car I saw with 13" rims on was a Opel Kadett from the 70s..... the rest of the world has moved on and increased in rim size, F1 is stuck in the past on this one.
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  18. Whats happening to formula 1? Its supposed to be "the leading edge in motorsport and cutting edge technology"!
  19. Its slightly annoying that Mercedes are so dominant and the grid isn't closer together but at the same time they have just as much opportunity and money as any other world championship team, its just they've obviously found something that the other teams haven't. I just hope the grid closes up before too long.
  20. I don't hear the FIA question why the back markers are so slow