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Featured F1: Title Decider in the Desert

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    AbuHeader.jpg It would appear that the Middle East has a monopoly on the finale's of top class motorsport with both the WEC and Formula One championships finishing under the lights of relatively mundane race tracks with virtually zero motorsport fan base.

    This Sunday will see either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg crowned as the 2016 Formula One World Champion. The latter currently holds a 12 point lead and given the strength of the Mercedes, it will take nothing more than good luck and fortune for the title to swing Hamilton's way. The simple math is this: If Nico Rosberg finishes third or higher, the championship is his.

    The Track
    Whilst the Yas Marina circuit has played host to few dramatic races in the past, the circuit characteristics are not typically conducive to the production of quality racing. Medium-speed 90 degree corners combined with the current aerodynamic dependencies of F1 cars does not equal close racing as overtaking is difficult - just ask Fernando Alonso.

    The track itself is visually stunning, especially when the sun sets and the thousands of floodlights begin to illuminate the track. It truly is a demonstration from the Arab Emirates of astronomical levels of expenditure, thanks to Mr. Crude. The track surface is so smooth that even the finest grade of sandpaper is more abrasive and the track facilities are far and away the best on the F1 calendar.

    On paper this track looks as good as any for Mercedes. Many traction zones and long straights, it will be a surprise if anyone can get anywhere near the two Brackley cars this weekend. Despite the Red Bull's having shown better pace in the latter half of the season and thus putting Mercedes under increased pressure, the Silver Arrows will still very much be the team to beat and anything but a 1-2 in qualifying will be a massive surprise.


    Nico Rosberg

    As I mentioned earlier, if Hamilton wins, Rosberg simply needs to finish on the podium to clinch the title. However, the immense pressure of a title deciding Grand Prix could yet see mistakes made that otherwise would not have been a cause for concern. In the past, Rosberg had often not been the best of drivers under pressurized situations, however 2016 is a different year and Rosberg very much looks to have elevated his game.

    He's stated prior to the weekend that he is going into it with the intention of winning the race, but when the lights go out, he will surely know that a defensive drive is all it takes. Despite the unbelievably tricky conditions in Brazil, he showed that whilst he may not have the pure pace to match a Hamilton or a Verstappen in the wet, he's got enough talent to do just what it takes to get the job done and massage the points lead; Prost-style.

    Whilst he isn't on his best current run of form, having to play second fiddle to Hamilton for the past three grands prix, barring any mechanical reliability issues Rosberg surely looks set to take his first ever World Drivers Championship.


    Lewis Hamilton

    It hasn't been the easiest of seasons for Hamilton. Some poor decisions early on cost him ground in the championship battle, and some poor starts have also cost him dearly, however the same could be said of Rosberg. But there's no getting around the fact that the reliability of his Mercedes has been the primary contributor to his points deficit.

    Had his Mercedes not failed in Malaysia and the following rounds results remained the same, Hamilton would be heading to Abu Dhabi with an 11 point lead in the championship as a opposed to a 12 point deficit. But, we cannot deal in hypotheticals even if it does make for great 'pub-chat'.

    Given that he is 12 points shy of his speedy teammate, Lewis himself admits that winning the race is not enough to get the job done. He will need to rely on some luck to swing his way if he wants to even have a chance at the title, but it is motor racing and anything can happen. His best chance of shaking up the order - assuming he is leading the race from Rosberg - is to back Rosberg up into the chasing pack and hope for one of those patented Verstappen stunners, or an immense Ricciardo lunge.

    Irrespective of the winner come Sunday, both drivers can consider themselves worthy World Champions in what has been an epic title battle for the second time in three years.

    Images credit of FIA.com
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  2. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

    Rosberg deserves to win, he has done a great season, and it just feels like it is his turn now. Sure, ugly moves during the season (like Red Bull Ring and Barcelona), but Hamilton isn't innocent himself (for example cutting the track during Mexico GP). I hope Rosberg gets an easy and calm race, just settles for 2nd or 3rd and doesn't do anything stupid
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  3. Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen
    Hey... wait up! Premium

    A nailbiter... I agree with Filip Carlén that Rosberg is to win. My choice at least.
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  4. Lets home Hamilton is world champion before last turn, then Massa overtakes him and Rosberg becomes champion. No... Im not angry still about 2008 :whistling:
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  5. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    I hope for Rosberg being champ as well... but will he do a Senna/Prost/Schumi maneuver in the first corner? easiest way to be champ :) or will he just take it easy and get the second place?
    Or will Hamilton slow down for Ricciardo/Verstappen being able to pass Rosberg? For sure will be an interesting last race! looking forward to it. I hope Max passes Vettel in the championship.
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  6. samcar304

    Staff Premium

    I hope not, I have no respect for anyone who does that. No matter who you are, No matter the circumstances...
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  7. If Hamilton wins the championship, he is a worthy world champion. If Rosberg wins the championship, he is a worthy world champion. Rosberg and Hamilton are both world class drivers. As for who I want to win, it has to be Rosberg. Rosberg has come on leaps and bounds this season. He's handled the pressure, he's stayed out of trouble (most of the time) and has put in some very good performances. His Malaysia drive was just as good, if not even better, than Hamilton's drive in Spa. Hamilton has been unlucky, but it doesn't take away anything from Rosberg's season. There has been times in the past where Hamilton has been lucky. He's also benefitted from luck as well this season (so he can't really complain).

    Hamilton has driven perfect in the last few races, but his starts have ended up costing him in the long term.

    I hope there are no mechanical failures for either driver though. Neither of them deserve that to happen to them. (Also I don't want to listen to bullshit from both Rosberg and Hamilton fans if either one of them retire :D)

    He won't. Rosberg has become more aggressive but it would be stupid to do a move like that. 1997, Schumacher got disqualified from the world championship, even though he cost himself it in the first place. Nico could easily have the same happen to him if he isn't careful.
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  8. "So whatever's needed to do it, is it?

    NR: "Within the limits of what's acceptable of course.""

    There's your answer ;)
  9. In my opinion Lewis is still undoubtedly the faster driver compared to Nico Rosberg and therefore he deserves to win the championship again this year. I believe that Nico has climbed to the highest levels of motor-sports largely thanks to his name and not so much because of his racing skills. Probably more than half of the Formula 1 drivers this year would have done the same, if not a better job than Nico, if they had the chance to drive for Mercedes. #TeamLewis
  10. Nico is far better than Keke ever was :D

    Nico is world class and that's why he's in one of the best teams. You can't be an average driver and be in a championship winning position.
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  11. I'm not questioning his world class status, but I'd say that's also valid for almost every other Formula 1 driver in history. He is not as quick as Hamilton or Ricciardo or Verstappen. He is just reliable which is why Mercedes like him in the team.
  12. OK, I agree with that statement. However, sometimes being the fastest isn't the most important thing. You need consistency and a bit of luck. Nico has had luck but he's been extremely consistent and has stayed out of trouble. He's also been quick enough to put him in race winning positions
  13. I don't know how could anybody "suggest" Nico to take out Hamilton on first corner (or any other for that matter) like he could be sure that they both will end their race right there. Or that, even better, he can continue and Ham will realease the ghost. Really... those people leave me puzzled all day long. Don't look back at Senna's maneuvre in Suzuka. After all remember previous year's maneuvre by Prost. :)
    Anyway... here's some interesting read, while we're waiting for epilogue of this... Thrilla in Emirates.:D Our 21st century Rumble in the Desert.:inlove:
    Or simply... How to winn F1 title while driving miss Daisy. :cautious:

    In meantime... here's some interesting read.

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner suggested earlier in the weekend, if Hamilton finds himself leading his teammate in the race, he would be "smart" to hold up Rosberg to allow other drivers to attack - claiming it would be "the only way the result could fall his way".
    However, in the pre-event press conference, Hamilton indicated he does not agree with that suggestion.
    "Nico has been on pole here for the last two years here, he has been very quick," Hamilton said. "This has been a relatively strong circuit for me, but [I was] not delivering the last two years, so my sole goal is to do so.
    "In terms of tactics in the race, that has to come on Sunday, that has never been my thought process. If I am ahead, I want to be as far ahead as possible.
    "When you have a 18-30 seconds' lead, that is as painful a blow as you can give to the guy you are fighting.
    "If you look at last race [Brazil] with no red flag, I would be 30 seconds ahead. That is more of an achievement than backing up your teammate.
    "While here it sounds like it makes sense, it is not very practical to do. You have two long DRS zones, it wouldn’t be easy or wise to do so."

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  14. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    My prediction: Ham will win his 4th title because Rosberg will have bad luck and be involved in an accident.