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F1 TIMING and other bugs

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by andy2374, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. 1 - Why is there no timing like on the real f1, your gap to car in front behind etc, my biggest gripe
    2 - when you race engineer says we should take a look at your team mates set up - anyone any ideas how to do this???
    3 - pitstop bugs where your team hold you for ever, as discussed on here before, truely awful - who did the final testing for this game before release.
    4 - why is there no engineer help, ie my car understeers going in to corner and he would adjust your car accordingly to try, as we are not all f1 engineers ya know cm
    5 - penalties, i get hit from behind while driving straight and get penalty, shocking
    6 - why doesnt your engineer tell you anything important on radio, like your catching or falling behind. hopeless

    does anyone know if codemasters are actually attemping to rectify these truely awful bugs or is this game destined to gather dust on the shelf
  2. 2 - no way of doing this, it's just a pointless speech.

    +1 to op. some of these flaws are huge, especially the lack of information about gaps. penalty system and pit stop bugs are pretty annoying aswell.

    it's sad, because i have so much love for this game. the handling is not perfect but i enjoy it, and i even can live with the fake ai times in qualis. but these other bugs are unforgivable. imo f1 would be the best racing game ever if codemasters had simply made some serious beta testing. as it is, the game is so flawed that it's hard to stay too much positive about it.
  3. Codemasters is working on a patch, that's for sure. Check the codemasters forum, there are sticky threads called AI issues response and F1 2010 Patch news

    However, the thread does not state which of these issues will actually be addressed. I think their main priority lies with the pitstop bug and the save game corruption issue, and maybe they will include split times because so many people asking for it and some other small bits of improvement or fix.

    However, I fear that issues such as the engineer help/speech and the penalty system will remain as it is because they do not affect the gameplay as much as the other issues (besides the penalty system, but that is a complex system and will require a lot of time to perfect)
  4. I remember, i got black flagged :mad: In Malaysia! first they gave me warning! Illegal blocking, then AI passed me like the ghost car(wtf) I was 3rd and it was 4th lap, and I have no idea why that happened :S
  5. that happened to me in monaco before i spun out and lewis hamilton just drove straight through me scary ha
  6. I tell ya a bug that really sux!...racing online on ps3 with other cars...all of us friends in a room, had collisions turned off, making us all ghost cars...on 2 different occations racers were disqualified for dangerous driving...how the hell does that happen when there are no collisions...codemasters plese fix this bug. It ruined a hell of a race!
  7. thats mad ha there are some serious issues that CMs need to work on big time the game was so rushed it nearly ruins it only for the game could be soooo much better i keep playing it