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F1 teams to form breakaway series

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Steve Temperton, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8108488.stm

    Wow. I know they threatened it but I didn't think they would go through it.

    If only Max Mosley could disappear.
  2. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron
    Premium Member

    I hope they stick with their decision.

    Formula 1 was killed by stupid rules that changed every week and the money greed of some individuals.

    Now they also know Luca di Montezemolo wasn't joking when he threatened them a while ago...

    Go on teams...
  3. I dont think Bernie will allow this to happen, he has far too much to lose. I think this is now the point where he will turn against Max and bring him down, as it seems the only way that these manufacturers will stay in his game.
  4. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron
    Premium Member

    I agree Bernie (one of UK's richest people) will try to divert this. He has too much money to loose. I just wish they would leave the damn sport alone. Max should've gone long long long ago...even before his sex scandal...

    "Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006," the association said"
  5. I support the break away.
    And to be honest, i hope the new serie will be a huge succes.
  6. yup - lets see which way bernie jumps...

    to me it's all totally crazy, but obviously we're not privy to all the facts and discussions.

    As a fan all i want to see close racing with as large a field of entrants as safe to do.

    FIA are correct in trying to introduce a budget cap but what a big muck up the Ferrari contract seems to have been. Rights to veto any decision being written into it?!?! nonsense. should never have been allowed and one reason we are in this state. but hey, whats done is done. Lets hope they can get an agreement to get a workable budget cap (or reduced expenditure) by 2012 or something like that...
  7. i'm with max on the whole rules shouldn't be dictated by the competitors thing... but i love the fact that finally a group of people actually said :no: to max and bernie....

    the remnants of f1 don't really sound massively appealing... williams... force india :lol:... and a bunch of new teams...

    but lets see how long they last on their own... esp when one of them wants to pull out of the sport (again)...

    on the bright side, they probably can't race at the f1 circuits.... so lots of gems could be dug up on that front...
  8. Well, according to the latest coverage on BBC news this morning, it appears that the "breakaway" teams may well be able to use most of (if not all) the current F1 tracks, though I would hope that they would change a few of the venues.

    I agree with Andrew in respect of the principle that the teams should not be able to dictate the rules of the championship over the authority of the FIA, however, I do think that Max Mosley has been to dictatorial in this respect and has posed levels of investment that are not reasonable to start with. I also agree that it is great to see the teams stick up for themselves with some solidarity for a change.

    I would totally support a breakaway series if that is how this pans out, but I dont think it will get that far because of Bernie (or Mr Majica, as I refer to him!) as previously mentioned

  9. This is going to hamper BBC now if all the good teams leave.
    I hope the breakaway series doesn't go to ITV :no:
  10. nah... setanta have bid for it ;)
  11. haha :)
  13. I was waiting for someone to say that
  14. :victory:
  15. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFcCjqXWUnU[/ame]
    I don't agree with the Murray Walker statement though
  16. what did murray say?
    oh wait, let me guess...

  17. Yay, Big Red Text Time!!

    On a more serious note, I can't believe the teams have actually done this! Like others have said, it's a very courageous thing to stand up to someone who has held a monopoly over the sport you compete in. I wish the teams every success in their new endeavour. :)
  18. Hannu Karesola

    Hannu Karesola
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Good luck to new series if they really are going to make it. Hopefully we can see great tracks making comeback. I'd like to see A1-Ring, Imola, that new Portuguese circuit and so on. On the other hand this will kill the Donington circuit project and Silverstone will stay alive again.
  19. The new teams will probably also have Carte Blanche over broadcasting rights, which will probably mean terrestrial TV will lose out as SKY will come sniffing with offers of 50 silver pieces :hypnotized:
  20. Would like to see Portugal, Argentina, South African and Mexico GP's back :chuck: