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Misc F1 Simulator - The F1 Game Super Mod 2.0

When you thought this couldn't get any better, You haven't seen anything yet

  1. igearzone16 submitted a new resource:

    Classic Cars Career Mode - More fun!!! - Classic Cars Career Mode - More fun!!! read me file included

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  2. Nice mod mate :thumbsup:

    I'm actually trying to find a way to add the classic tracks to career mode, or replace other tracks with them, do you know how I can do that?

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  3. do you receive mail from team, and such funny extras like in the real carrer mode?
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  4. i've a clean installation of F1 2013. Just unpacked all the contact in the right folder, but when the race should load, it remains forever on loading screens....any help?
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  5. sure i will have to install it so give me a bit... i amde that mod like a year ago,
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  6. you should download my track updates for F1 2014, they are awesome, and they work in 2013 no problem.. I'm looking at the mod now, to see whats wrong with it
  7. moving tracks around,
    Yeah just replace them, that way you don't have to know the inner workings of the game. for example you want to start racing on Korea and you are tired of Hungarian ring... so just make folder to back up your unused tracks.
    So for example, you would move the Hungarian circuit folder folder in to the back up folder, so its out of sight!!!!
    and then just rename Korea to Hungarian Ring, and that's it.
    Then in the game click Hungarian Ring, but actually it will be Korea. that would be the easy way.. without getting into technical things in the game...

    I completely re assembled the mod to a whole new one, much better then the old one.. this thing rocks,
    2013 is a way better game then 2014... and with this mod.. maybe better then 2015.. will see
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  8. Happy to hear that mate, cause i just bought 2013 :p

    But, i did not understand how to fix my problem? :)
  9. Thanks a lot mate, I didn't know it would be that easy.

  10. any ideas how to fix my problem? :)
  11. it is.. also i will be posting the fixed mod soon
  12. gorgeous!! :)
  14. igearzone16 updated Classic Cars In Career Mode with a new update entry:

    F1 Simulator Mod - As Real As It Gets Career in Mode or in Classics,

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  15. ok dude its uploaded,, the title is different, look for the F1 Simulator in F1 2013
    hope you will enjoy it..
  16. ronniej

    The dude Premium


    Ok, that's pretty damn cool...thx 4 ur work on this. I'm enjoying this game all over again.
    I re-downloaded F1 2013 just to try this out and I'm happy I did.

    Edit: The RPM indicator isn't working for me though..Am I doing something wrong or....
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2015
  17. not sure bro, i really never fully tested it, i will check it out and updat the mod if it needs to be..
  18. make sure you rate and comment on the mod thnx