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Misc F1 SEASON MOD 1.0

Different Seasons, Driver changes, Number changes, Helmet changes, Head changes

  1. UniqX77 submitted a new resource:

    F1 SEASON MOD - Different Seasons, Driver changes, Number changes, Helmet changes, Head changes

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  2. I'm a little confused. Will this mod make the changes all at once in one season or will it make changes in the specified years as our career mode progresses?
  3. Change Bottas in Season 3 to Ricciardo at Ferrari, add Perez to Renault in 2018, Wehrlein should go to Force India in 2018 to replace Perez and then move to Mercedes in 2019, then have Rossi join Manor in 2018. Change Ericsson to Sirotkin in 2017 and Sainz to replace Button in 2018 and have Giovinazzi replace him. Sorry for the essay, just out of interest how do you do these mods?
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  4. i think most people would be happy if they knew how to change a drivers name as most people all have there own opinions on what should happen
  5. It change it in the specified years. For example: You are finished with Season 1. Then you make the changes who are in Folder "Season 2" and then you can start with Season 2 and so on..:)
  6. I make a "how to" tomorrow:)
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  7. Would certainly have alternative driver moves such as the comment by Josh Dean, so Season 2, Season 2 Alt, etc. As for suggestions, gosh, that's tough. You would have to look into the GP2 and GP3 fields and guess who'll be good in the future for Season 6 onwards, as well as other racing series.

    I still think you should make a "How To" thread or whatever, but making these can help those who don't have the time to sort the files out themselves. Also just wondering what happens for audio files with drivers such as Vandoorne? Will the commentators just say "and a McLaren" like with your own driver or say the name of the driver that was originally in the car? Will follow this mod. Thanks.

    EDIT: Also state who's being replaced and if the replaced driver will be "retired" or swapped.
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  8. I think this is a great idea! Just like Crekkan stated, make some alternative moves for every season. And please make a tutorial for installation :)
  9. I think a lot of people would be happier doing there own because then they are not limited to who drives for what team. Then you could see how Lewis Hamilton does in a Manor which would be fun!
  10. So how would us people do that? ^^
  11. The tutorial will be out soon hopefully!
  12. Driver change tutorial:
    1. You need https://sourceforge.net/projects/petars-programs/files/Ego Engine/Ego Language Editor/
    2. When you open this program you need to click "open"
    3. Then you search your F1 2016 folder (steam -> steamapps -> common -> F1 2016)
    4 Then you open "localisation" and open your language (e.g. language_eng.ing)
    5. Then you click "search" and you search for this things (name of the driver. Button is just an example):




















    5. When you found e.g "lng_jenson_button" you need replace "Jenson Button" with e.g. "Stoffel Vandoorne"
    6. When you completed your changes you need to click "save" and replace the language file in your localisation folder
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  13. Great stuff, will try for S2! Now we only need face changes ^^
  14. Thanks Man!
  15. I can't change the audio files. I have no f***ing idea how I can open it, sorry:D
    But your idea with different possibilities for the Seasons are good. Thanks:)
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  16. On this example I change Wehrlein's face into Rosberg's face
    IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU HAVE A FILE WHO CALLS "nico_rosberg_head_s.tga" rename the other file who has this s in the name. The same with d/a/n!!!

    Step 1.jpg Step 2.jpg Step 3.jpg Step 4.jpg Step 5.jpg Step 6.jpg Step 7.jpg Step 8.jpg Step 9.jpg Step 10.jpg
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  17. Great stuff! And for the new drivers like Gasly and Vandoorne? Ocon face has already bin made I think..!
  18. Thank you!
  19. thanks alot dude, it really helps!
  20. can you please add a german version. that will be good