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Seasons F1 season 1988 v1.1

F1 season 1988 temporada 1988

  1. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Wow, this looks great so far, good job! :thumbsup:
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  2. quick question is there a English version
  3. Do I must update principal file downloaded in Mega ?
  4. Both versions are needed, the 1.0 and 1.1 to play.
  5. I instaled first big file and after updated with this, tested mode, great job!
    You are doing also Mod 1999 but how is possible play both in same machine because all saved files go to same folder my games in my documents?
  6. to play I recommend making a copy of the "F1 2013" folder and install the mod there.
    then to open the game to create a new profile for each era.
  7. How did you do this PLS help me and i will make a mod 1992/1994/1993 I LOVE modding pls help me
  8. Many thanks by your answer but game files are saved in same folder, so if I have a mod 1988 and after a mod 1994 that you are build, files of second mode will overwrite first when save game in Documents/Mygames/FormulaOne2013 no?
  9. Oh man my english is really bad. Could you give me a guide how to make a mod ?
  10. yes but if you create a new profile with another name puesdes keep both profiles
    eg when I play I have a profile for each era ... "player 1988" "1999 player" "player 2013" etc. and so I do not waste none progress
  11. I do not speak English well either.
    It is hard to explain well how to do everything with a language I do not speak good
  12. I want to make a game folder for each mod but. First i just want to repaint the classic cars and put them in the 2013 career mode how do you repaint the cars
  13. Hey, man... I have installed it, but the game is spanish... How can I have english version...?
  14. or which programms do you use ?
  15. Konat but if I replace atual game with your mode, I lost F1 2013 season, and if I will install another mode for examplle 1997, it will replace that I installed before, right?
  16. in the .rar is a folder named "tex" and in it the translation
  17. why I say you go to the installation folder of f1 2013 and copy the "F1 2013" folder, and install the MOD in the copy, so quedaria "f1 2013" game 2013
    and "F1 2013 copy" with the MOD 1988 or any other mod
  18. I am sorry, but I cannot find it... I have downloaded from mega basic 1988 mod and then i have downloaded the update... Both I have put into f1 2013 folder, but there is not folder with name tex
  19. photoshop extended