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Seasons F1 Season 1988 [Deleted]

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Mods' started by Konat, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Konat submitted a new resource:

    F1 season 1988 - F1 season 1988 mod f1 2013

    Read more about this resource...

    Mod edit - this mod is now in 3 parts, available at RD.

    This is Part One

    Part 2 Here
    Part 3 Here
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  2. realitychecked


    In English, please.
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  3. The texts are in "Mod 1988.rar"
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  4. The texts are in "Mod 1988.rar"
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  5. hey mate, will the YTD skip if you create new profile?
  6. Unfortunately, you have to create a new profile.
    there is no other option.
    sorry: /
  7. airutonpurosuto8912


    You could alternatively replace Melbourne with Abu Dhabi ;)
  8. Need I the classic edition to play ?
  9. 80s edition only
  10. Hey, fantastic job, mate, however I would like to present some ideas that could make it better...

    I understand that there are not all teams (it is impossible) but could you rename drivers? It´s great to drive Mclaren with Senna behind the wheel but when I meet Michael or Ralf (!!!!) Schumacher whole magic athmosphere is gone...

    And only last thing - you could let all tracks in game, but just rename them... Korea could be France and so on... As I know in 1988 there were 19 races and in game there are 19 tracks too, so it could be possible...
  11. Hello! I appreciate the ideas is something I had planned to do for an update.
    About the pilots, the original idea was always to make the originals of each team, but a problem is presented, does not take names (example: Alessandro Nannini = □□ Nannini) The game ponea those squares and not the name, whether as repair but I have to gather information for pilots because in those times not much knew of them and not all were famous.
    Tracks: I made a mistake in programming and tube to remove them, but as I said it will solve. And also I plan to add to the calendar of the season gp USA and Australia.

    forgive my English is that I'm using google translator
  12. Great... I am looking forward to possible updates...
  13. Hello, when can we expect any update?
  14. it's very good mod, i love it. but ihave a little problem in youg driver test, my car (benetton) does not exceed 290kms and i can't confirm the2eme test. sorry for my english, JE SUIS CHARLIE
  15. That´s a problem I have to solve. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it doesn´t.
    I think I should change the cars performance to 2013 to use this "drivers", due to the tests are made for this kind of cars.
    There´s no problem if your english is not very good, I have to use a translator because mine isn´t better than yours.
  16. thank you very much Konat

  17. I found the solution to pass the test, I increase the grip with " surface_materials" and put the grip 50% is ok
    thank you again for this exelent mod
  18. EGO CTF Editor

    Open the files :

    F1 2013\cars\RB2\balanced\rb2_abu_dhabi.ctf
    F1 2013\cars\FE2\balanced\fe2_abu_dhabi.ctf
    F1 2013\cars\MC2\balanced\mc2_abu_dhabi.ctf

    Access the line (ID 121)
    Entry Name : engine_power_scale
    Change the value of 1 for 1,04

    This change will only affect the player's car in the test young drivers . Not affect the performance of the AI cars in Abu Dhabi and will not affect the car's player during the career mode or any other mode of dispute .

    A hug
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  19. thank you very much, it is very nice to answer me so quickly. je suis charlie
  20. And what about the tracks? Could you enter them all into mod? And rename them? Korea would be lovely French GP :)
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