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F1-S-R 1993 LE mod V1.2

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by F1lover, Jan 22, 2010.

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  2. Thanks - I'll give it another go :)
  3. Huh it was already updated quickly after the release?

    Wait i already see this a new version. Gonna try it. :)
  4. We took your advise and used 7z .. lol
  5. Hehe indeed. :D

    Much better version. Understeer is alot less. It's still there but more realistic.
    Only problem i have is thet my Motohealth is dropping very quick and even when i am easy on the downshift. After 2 laps it's already on 92 and still dropping.
  6. Superb work, what a fantastic quick turn around. Well done all you guys at F1SR. This is now a very high quality mod. Thankyou for listening to criticism and acting quickly instead of sulking and getting defensive like many would have done. Kudos to all you guys! :D

    The models, the sounds, the tyre textures, the cameras. Fantastic.
  7. You guys are awsome thanks guys.. We try and listen... it will only make us better.. Lots more to come from F1SR.
  8. Actually, I think this is really a nice story to learn from. You guys deserve all the credits you get now after the release of V1.1 and V3 Kyalami.

    So keep on with it! It's cool to watch you improve at that pace! :p
  9. really an epic mod.......every time i push the gas i get an orgasm!!!! :D
  10. 1.2 released see post #1
  11. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    Anyone suffering frame rate issues with this MOD when playing with AI drivers with say a full 26 car grid?

  12. yes me too got problems.....btw with an HD5850 is strange that you suffer this problems......i have an 8800gts with only 320 MB and so in my case is normal, but with a PC like your is really strange have problems like that..... really strange.....

    in every case the model are in HD i think, so is for that, that the mod maybe suffer a bit when there are plently of cars on the track!! ;)
  13. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    Mattia it is only when racing against CPU car's, when racing online there is no issues so it seems to be a CPU limitation rather than graphics, not sure if rFactor actually use's more than one CPU core but it's something for me to look into.

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