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Cars F1 RSS 2016 v1.1 Part1 1.1

f1, rss

  1. Nick9320 submitted a new resource:

    F1 RSS 2016 part1 - f1, rss

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  2. Looks really nice! I like the option to turn hands and arms off. Dunno if that's new with 1.0 or I just never noticed it before.

    Had some really bad wobble in my wheel in the high gears. Had to add the F_Ext to all the .veh files so they used the F-Extreme RealFeelPlugin settings (Ex: Description="F_Ext #05 Sebastian Vettel" instead of Description="#05 Sebastian Vettel").

    And unfortunately a full grid absolutely annihilates my framerate and it drops to the low 20s. My PC might just be no good though.
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  3. Thanx for your feedback mate, I will fix the ffb so soon as possible :)
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  4. Thank you for reading and answering Nick. Here's another feedback for you then: I have absolutelly no problem with FF. I don't know what's others problem, or is there any more than one report. I have Logitech G27 for your info. Feedback feels quite normal.

    Say, Nick, I can't help myself I want to contribute ..somehow, are you interested in somewhat updated on board cams. I edit them for almost whole my life :) feel like I want to do it for this great mod too. I already start, for myself, but I was wondered ...do you want them to test a bit and maybe, just maybe,:geek: include them into some updated version ?
    Like Patrick did with his wonderful and probably my favorite mod (your mod is right with it now!) CART Extreme. He liked my on board cams and included them into later version of the mod.
    As a proof that I know what I'm doing, take my most downloaded mod (about, yes once again:), on board cams) for F1 2014, with over 14.000 downloads:
    Anyway... let me know. I can send you somekind of ...preview, for one team, for you to see in which direction do I go, which cams do I edit, which ones did I delete and which new are included.
    Cheers mate.
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  5. Hey. Honestly I'd like to see your work :) My work is about to entertain community, so if is there anything that we all could do together that's a main point for me :) (I hope you understand my ЯUSSIЛN english :D). So yes, I'd like to see what can you do with that cams and yes I'am glad to make it as a part of my mod :)
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  6. I've got a problem.. when i pick the car, the image of the car doesn't appear, the game no load and an error says: "gMotor 2 Error. Error opening MAS file MAIN.MAS", and timetrial no works.. all of this only with f1.2016, help :(
    PD: Game still work but, the car shows like a GT3, all in colour white and a text that says, TEMP or something like that.
  7. Hi @Nick9320, once more thanks a lot for this great mod! If you could put in the engine sounds of your beta version 0.9 in the next release, it will be even better ;) I really liked them :)
    For everyone who wants to have the FFB like the original F Extreme, I put together a small fix here:
    Just drag and drop like always and overwrite the old files.
    @Skyrpon just try to download and install the mod once again, it often helps ;) I had a similar issue.
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  8. No engine sound file?
  9. Did you download both parts of mod? Main.mas is on the first part.
  10. Thx ! Now works :thumbsup:
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  11. First things first...
    did you download second part also ? If not look for it, it's right there.
  12. downloaded all four parts they appear in the game data folder as Rss but not in the game
  13. Got it now saw where I was going wrong thanks for reply
  14. @TimeHunt
    lol at your review and your smile size of Aussie desert.

    I'm working, with author's blessing:), on new on board cams, maybe that will solve your ...problem. I know I didn't see and similar glitch while driving Ferrari and breaking hard. Perhaps I don't break that hard as you though. :D I'm more of a Button type of driver, you know... smooooth one. But on a serious note, yes, Ferrari T-cam need to go more to front. Which I did. :)

    First version of my cams are finished. They won't be final, of course. I would love to send them to you if you want to test them. About cams... some are new, some are deleted (sorry but I just have to delete all those fake cams which standing on ...nothing, you know, and just floating around the car. I hate those ones. cam must have some realistic mounting place. that's my motto:)) some are edited, some are basically the same as vanilla, since they've been too good to be deleted/edited. T-cams are all edited, more or less. FOV is smaller and there's 3 (yes, three!) version of T-cam for each car, since I've been doing this for a long time and I know... you can't please everyone. Just... let me know. :geek:
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  15. I'd like to see your cams mate and test it :)
  16. Ok, I'll do one more test then zip it all and give you the link, via private. ;)
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  17. hex


    Guys, any hint on when v1.1 is coming? It's been a while... :)
  18. Uff


    Also, will there be "normal res" skins? This mod is the only one that forces me to lower details for opponents, while all the other works and the original content works properly even at maximum settings.
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  19. I don't think it's the textures that cause problem mate, the cars just have so many polygons. So lowering texture quality won't help. Maybe if they can improve lod's.

    And, you can if you wish try to lower them down by yourself. You need some simple program like Paint.net is. It's free. Then open those big textures (4096x4096) and set them to 50%, so they be in 2048x2048 (make a backup first) resolution, then check your frame rate again.
    Btw, Toro Rosso and Force India don't have this 4K resolution liveries, they have 3x 2048 textures. A little bit weird, since they from the same mod. :)