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Cars f1-rss-2016-beta_series file 1.1

F1 2016 RSS Series file

  1. KoshaPashkin

    Reiza Studios Premium

    @Nick9320 is original author of F1 RSS mod, not other strange guys....and v1.0 out.
  2. What is that, for what is it and who is Javi_VC7801?
  3. Reb.Ellion


    Click on his name and learn more about this person.
  4. Isn't the mod no longer available?
  5. Opologies... I see version 1.0 has a series file... Javi_VC7801 created a F1 mod which I think is the best there is for AMS. While it was still in Beta phase it had no Series file and he said I may share one in the mean time... but he beat me to it... so ignore please. I will remove this post if I could.

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  6. Angelq117 updated f1-rss-2016-beta_series file with a new update entry:

    Safety Car and series file for Javi's F1 2016 mod

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Your guy Javi_VC7801 is not a creator of F1 RSS 2016 mod, he's just upload my beta version on this resource.
  8. Is the mod still available?
  9. Hi Nick sorry - should have read before I just gave credit. Heheh. Well thanks for the hard work... your mod is absolutely brilliant.