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F1 Race Stars Review

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tom, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Tom

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  2. Just want to give my opinion on the "no drifting" comment. F1 cars don't "drift"... so why should this game act like every other Mario Kart clone out there? This game rewards a good driving line, especially thru the "KERS boost" corners. I think the game is great fun. Had my pre-order in on Steam a few weeks ago... looking forward to getting home tonight, get the game download complete and playing it for quite some time. I would love to join an online series/club. Really hope there is a good multiplayer community via Steam.
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  3. Tom

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    Well because that's the obvious role model it had. Every player has his / her own opinion and whilst I can't concur with your opinion I see your point. :)
  4. Thanks for this nice review, Tom.
    We lost the paddock, press interview etc. in F1 2012.
    But I really wish the podium feature for F1 2013 too :)
  5. Shawdad

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    I played the demo on PS3 and enjoyed it. I also like the fact that the physics lead to more of a precise racing line compared to most (all?) other kart games. Hopefully they will offer it on the PlayStation store eventually.
  6. reminds me of Mario Kart, a lil bit, anyone? thumbs up? :thumbsup:
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  7. Actually, the fun thing about kart~F1 is oversteer/countersteer. But in this case is very small and fast. But we dont see it much because the majority of the drivers has no hability at all in it. Because theyre taught not to do it. If you listen to the instructions in F1 2012, you hear "drifting can be impressive, but its slow and increases tyre wear". But its very fun and thats the reason why Mario Kart is so fun. Codemasters F1 2012 has drift but its slow like it was raining - and under rain... there is no drifting in th game! Fangio was a king of drifting. Then we had Gilles (snowmobile driver), Senna (drive kart without braking, drifting) and Hamilton (drift in wet corners that Vettel goes wide to avoid... drifting).
  8. Fangio drove in an era when there were no aerodynamics (downforce), and the tire's slip had a wide range (instead of peak narrow grip like today), so drifting was practically necessary. In 70s and 80s, although tire compound slip was still wide, cars had big grippy tires and it was possible to easily perform a trick now known as "power oversteering" which is a short drift that allows quick turn and quick return to control. Today's cars aerodynamics are better than ever and work well on a wide "attack" angles, plus the tires that are designed to work in max grip on a short range. If you go over the slip, you lose all traction and, therefore, almost all control. Therefore drifting is a risky business and it has proven that it doesn't shorten laptimes..