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F1 probably the only non-HD sport in the world by now

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Mark Birney, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Ridiculous... They have no excuse not to switch to HD. WTCC is in HD, and looks fantastic. No complaints. F2 is aswell, I believe as it used the WTCC cameras. NASCAR is too. Even fishing competitions are in HD over at Sky Sports!

    BBC said it would be HD, then Bernie pulled the plug. But BBC can and want to. Bernie said it was because they had to change all the cameras which was expensive and have all the networks agree. But all the other motorsports had no problem switching over, and Premiere have been forced to upscale to HD (they have a HD sports channel, as do Sky Sports and Eurosport). The main broadcasters, and I'm sure more, can show HD. Those that can't can downscale. I really hope the coverage changes for 2010 include HD, if not, then...

    What is going on?
  2. Ask Max :D

    And it's definitely the time for him to resign

    I hope we'll start the 2010 all over from "zero" again, because it's too much ruined :(
  3. I ain't asking Max. I'd rather throw him out of the FIA myself and change it single handdly. But it's not Max, he's involved with the FIA which already have WTCC etc. showing in HD...

    Bernie's the man to slap in the face.

    True about too much being ruined. With all these parties (FOTA, FIA, Bernie) trying to change the sport, it's on a highway to ruin.
  4. Well both of them then
  5. Completely agree. In this day and age not having HD broadcasts make F1 look amateur when its supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport. I had Sky HD installed about 6 months ago and wherever possible tune in to the HD version of a channel as it looks so much better, the picture clarity is like being there. With all the money sloshing around in F1 and Bernie's pockets there is no justifiable reason why we can't have F1 in HD.
  6. That's precisely the thing I've been saying.
  7. LOL :D
  8. Vettel did have a HD on-board camera at the Nurburgring last week. He was the only one with it and it did look really good compared to the other bad quality cameras. hopefully we will see more people with hd cameras soon:woot:
  9. I noticed that, the colour and FPS was a lot better on Vettel. It was definately better quality. They are just experimenting, though, like Red Bull (again) did with Coulthard at Brasil last year, a helmet cam.

    It seems Red Bull is the driving force behind what the fans want, which is nice! Especially since they're front runners now :)
  10. For me it's equal quality cause I don't have a HD TV:D

    But I agree, while other sports get HD cameras, F1 should do that too!
  11. Neal Ridley

    Neal Ridley
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) isnt displayed in HD
  12. True, but the point I am trying to make is that F1 is at the stage in modern racing technology where HD should be a given. WTCC is in HD which is the bigger brother of BTCC, and BTCC wouldn't be watched internationally anyway so using HD cameras would mean spending money which may not be there.

    Also, WRC is getting HD for a weekly Discovery program for the US, which surprised me 'cause I never expected rallying to get HD. With HD cameras at the price they are it's a bit silly brining them out into the dirt :p
  13. We need F1 in HD :nod:
  14. what a pitty... this is the money..
  15. Anyway it's fun to see what the new FIA will do :D

    If it's still as usual then it's really destroyed :p

    HD ftw
  16. Super HD eh...
  17. Well Ultra HD ftw then :D
  18. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Ah, thats what it was, I was wondering how his on-baord camera looked better than all the rests, hope for F1 HD, would be class! Especially all those slow motion shots!
  19. Seriously? Here in the US the last 4 races were on Fox and in HD (the rest of the season is on Speed, and I don't have that channel in HD, so I don't know).