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F1 mods vs FVA

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Leonardo Chaves, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Is it possible for modders to get the handling to that level? With Rfactor?
    Is that what they should aim for now?

    comparing the 2, in first place, Fva gives you a ludicrous sense of speed (i don't see what can be done here), and also the car seem to react more agressively, "bite" you more, specially when you jump on the brakes...
    In comparison Rfactor cars seem to slide in a much more "catch-able" way, those 2 are the main differences to me.

    Just adding a little more... It is actually harder in Rfactor to pick up throttle mid corner, the engine in FVA seem to be much more driveable in lower revs and a lot less peaky.
  2. Hi mate the thing you have to remember is that FVA have all the tech info from the car and from the drivers to get the sim to work the way it does. no modding group can get that info. But I think that the f1 mods in rfactor are more like the real thing tbo F1RFT is about the best F1 mod there is and that is not far of at all :)
  3. Don't get me wrong, i love Rfactor, i can hardly wait for Rfactor 2 and greatly appreciate the modders work.

    But i do think that FVA give them something to aim for, even without all the data the guys working in FVA have, it gives them a better reference of the way an F1 car should handle.
    Maybe they can change their own numbers to mimic that.

    Perhaps Rfactor 2 will include an F1 car that is just as good or even better, the ISI guys do have contacts with multiple teams because of Rfactor pro.

    Regarding my op i've changed my opinion a bit, after putting lap after lap in Nurburgring, which is bigger and wider than the others i feel like the sense of speed isn't quite as different as i first thought, still feels quite a bit faster and more agressive but not as much on the proper sized track as on the small ones, kinda like how hectic it fells to go around Monaco flat out.
  4. Yes it would be good for ISI to do some thing with the teams they know I am with you with that. As for the speed its not the car but the game its to do with motion blur in the game. one Game that has this big time is need for speed to much tbo. But if you can find someone that knows how to edit the cams in rfactor they might be able to give you what you want. Ryan callan will be the best man to go to with that as he is the rfactor bible what he does not know about rfactor is not worth knowing :)
  5. Thanks for your input, and camera angles do change things a lot.

    While i'm at F1 mods, i would like to add that F1 2010 tracks might also be a good base for for improvement, the converted Korea(?) track looked great.