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F1: Mercedes W04 Debuts at Jerez

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Feb 4, 2013.

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Unless it has some aerodynamic advantage I don't understand why they still have such a nose on the car.

    Too bad the colors of the Petronas sponsoring are still too prominent on the silver arrow.
  3. The Red Bull RB9 still has a step nose, as does the Lotus, so there must be some advantage.
  4. never really liked the way the silver is & them sponsors, it ruins it quite bad, but gotta be done :( the nose is just aweful, was hoping all teams would eradicate it this season.
  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i hope i'm wrong but this car looks like a dog. i'm predicting reliability over speed.
  6. What i understand, the stepped nose vs vanity plate is around 0.01 points of DF one way or the other. Very insignificant now that the vertical slits are now longer allowed to break the boundary layer even more.. So it's either long smooth nose with thick boundary layer = drag or stepped nose, thinner boundary layer and.. drag.. so it's really cosmetic.

    IMHO some teams aren't taking any risks and check what the first test do with last years nose, then change to smooth one and if the whole package performs well enough, try smooth nose. Marketing department must be screaming in agony ;) Lotus has some significant changes so it's easily understood, RBR has very little changes but is clearly WIP (that was not a real launch, they've past deadline but cooking up something borderline again to get the EBD working..).
  7. Is it me or are all of the currently released 2013 cars exactly the same bar the stepped nose
  8. looks good I reakon its gunna surprise a few teams
  9. Look out this car will show some teams up